Aquatech (HK) Limited

Company Profile

Aquatech (HK) Limited, was founded in 1998, and has many years of experience in promoting and marketing swimwear and swim equipment. Aquatech is a distributor for many international swimwear brands and specializes in providing world-class products to swimmers.
Aquatech offers both recreational and competition swim apparels, as well as professional swimming training equipment.
Aquatech aims at providing high quality products at reasonable prices and gathers superior swimming supplies from all over the world to help their customers enjoy swimming.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Aquatech wished to revamp a legacy Point-of-Sale (POS) system to store and manage orders, inventories and customer information from their shops across local territories. Their legacy POS was already at EOL (end-of-life) of the existing server’s maintenance. However, as their business mainly focuses on product quality and customer services, there was a lack of IT expertise in building a scalable, cost-optimized, secured and high resilience system, and they did not have sufficient IT resources to provide on-going system maintenance for backups, patching and performance analysis. AWS was selected for building the backend infrastructure for their new POS system in order to save cost and provide more flexibility.


The Solution - Cloud Managed Service

7×24 Service Desk
Our managed services offer a service service helpdesk portal to each customer. Customers can reach out to our managed services team for any issues in their cloud environment. A dedicated team will continuously monitor the incoming tickets and assist our customers timely with their requests.

Performance Tuning and Preventative Maintenance
Performance tuning and preventative maintenance provided by Nextlink’s Managed Service is important to Aquatech as they are extending their footprint on the cloud. AWS services are constantly monitored, measured and analyzed to optimize cost and maximize efficiency and performance. Nextlink also identifies issues and investigates them in order to resolve them timely for the customer.

Monitoring and Control
Monitoring and control is one of the key scopes of Nextlink’s managed services. We reviewed all existing workloads in the client’s AWS environment, and pre-set AWS CloudWatch metric alarm thresholds based on best practices, and then sent them to the client for confirmation. Such thresholds were left to run for one month, and a review session was held with the customer to refine and adjust the thresholds.

Implementing Strong Cloud Security
Security is the job zero at AWS as well as at Nextlink. AWS resource logs are continuously monitored using automated tooling to analyze and triage security events. Nextlink also provides defense support against cyber-attacks and any unplanned and unexpected issues on the cloud.

The Benefits

  1. Enhanced system reliability leading to zero downtime.
  2. Nextlink provided solutions and suggestions to optimize Aquatech’s environment based on AWS best practices to ensure it is secured, reliable, efficient, and running at an optimized cost.
  3. Labor cost has been reduced 30% compared to managing the environment on their own

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