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Alibaba Cloud Premium DDoS Protection

Reduce the Threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks


Alibaba Cloud Premium DDoS Protection Service Protects You Against Malicious Attacks

Are you constantly worried about service interruptions due to malicious DDoS attacks that could affect the user experience during e-commerce operations, game releases, or other key moments? Alibaba Cloud Premium DDoS Protection offers comprehensive protection for enterprises! Nextlink Technology offers exclusive professional solutions for industries such as finance, e-commerce, gaming, and media by performing flow cleaning through Premium DDoS Protection for enterprises with overseas operations, thereby ensuring the stable continuance of business.

High Availability and Safety of Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Service

In the event of a DDoS attack, it is necessary to immediately identify the threat and respond accordingly in order to prevent severe corporate losses. Alibaba Cloud offers comprehensive anti-DDoS automated protection services. When an enterprise is attacked, a protection strategy is quickly and automatically formulated based on the type of attack. This means operators do not need to panic in the face of complex DDoS attacks and ensures enterprise operations remain uninterrupted. Nextlink Technology has compiled the following features of the Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Service:

Global near-sourced cleaning

Decentralization technology is utilized to automatically guide traffic to the flow cleaning center closest to the source of the attack; the integration of disaster backup services achieves maximum protections for data security.

Simple deployment with powerful comprehensive protection

Set up your defense in 10 minutes with a simple router configuration without the need to install any software. The Premium DDoS (International) Protection Service utilizes global near-sourced cleaning capabilities to offer high-speed BGP network and DDoS clustering 2T+ defenses for powerful, unlimited protection.

Exclusive IP resources

The Premium DDoS Service offers safer protections against DDoS attacks with the exclusive Anycast IP, which isolates IP addresses and prevents DDoS attacks on other users from impacting you. Support for HTTPS Layer 7 to ensure full line encryption.

Protect the security of origin servers and provide protection reports

The Premium DDoS Protection Service uses actual IP addresses to mask your service site so that attackers cannot correctly locate your back-end origin server, thereby ensuring its safety. Also, real-time traffic reports and detailed attack information are provided so you can easily understand the current security status of your business.

Excellent stability, availability up to 99.99%

Network protection clusters with high availability are utilized to prevent single points of failure and redundancy with support for flexible expansion during processing. Cleaning services ensure availability of up to 99.99% for all traffic incoming to flow cleaning servers, the availability of all server CPUs and memory for monitoring is ensured, and the availability for all origin-return lines are monitored. Once an instability has been identified, the backup line is automatically toggled to ensure availability.

Nextlink 阿里雲 DDos 高級防護
Nextlink 阿里雲DDos高級防護

Alibaba Cloud Premium Anti-DDoS Service

The Architecture Map

If a malicious attack occurs when subscribed to Alibaba Cloud’s Premium Anti-DDoS Protection Service, traffic is directed to the cleaning center and returned to the origin site through a reverse proxy to prevent service interruptions to the origin site and ensure enterprise operations.

Nextlink 阿里雲DDos高級防護

Local Technical Support – Nextlink offers one-stop Data Security Solution and Protections

As a Gold Partner of Alibaba Cloud, Nextlink Technology has worked with Alibaba Cloud to offer data security and protection in the China market for many years. We are highly experienced in providing services to customers, offering localized technical support, 7×24 monitoring services, and specialized applications of Premium DDoS Protection Service for different industries.

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