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Global ultinational enterprises often encounter challenges such as slow Internet speed and cyber threats when they want to expand thier business in the Greater China Region. Nextlink Technology offers a one-stop solution to help organizations build high-speed internet whever their businesses are.


Solve Cross-Border Connectivity Issues and Expand into New Foreign Markets

Want to expand into overseas or the China market but have issues syncing information for subsidiaries and overseas factories? Suffering from delays or attacks when connecting to overseas customers? While such problems can be solved by building a private network, the high cost and time requirements as well as the subsequent massive operation costs make it a tenuous option.

Nextlink Technology has been dedicated to the cloud industry for many years and recommends Alibaba Cloud‘s cross-border connection solutions (GA and CEN) to easily solve the issues of cross-border connectivity and assist with commercial opportunities through overseas expansion.

4 Major Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Connections

Ready for use immediately

Effectively simplify your global network deployment, decrease related operational processes, and reduce the difficulty of maintenance to save time and costs for enterprises.

Full network connectivity

Connect to any enterprise cloud and quickly solve the issue of information asymmetry within enterprises

Upgraded network quality

Automated allocation of traffic through Alibaba Cloud’s premium global transmission network solves the issue of sluggish connection speeds, increases connection quality, and enhances operational efficiency.


Communications and data don’t pass through public networks. This protects network services from attacks, thereby solidifying safe access in the back-end.


Technical Advantages of Cross-border Connections

The Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Connection Solution offers the advantages of high performance and stability. In addition to rapidly decreasing information asymmetry within enterprises, its excellent network quality gives users stable connection speeds to enhance operational performance. Additionally, communication data in Alibaba Cloud’s cross-border connection solution does not pass through public networks, and is encrypted to ensure data security and reduce the possibility of external attacks. The advantages of CEN and GA also include:

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

  • Capable of linking enterprise intranets to Alibaba’s own data centers and establishing communication channels through private networks to achieve automatic routing distribution and learning. The simple architecture reduces internal maintenance costs and enhances both the quality and security of networks.

  • Interoperability in cloud enterprise networks

    Utilize VPC to achieve interoperability between private networks and deploy an enterprise communication platform between our data centers (IDC) to achieve automatic routing distribution and learning and enhance both the quality and security of networks.

  • Automatic forwarding and learning of routers

    Achieve automatic forwarding and learning across multiple nodes and routers across the network so that users no longer have to perform the tedious tasks of router settings and management

  • Independent backup link

    Four sets of independent backup links must exist between any two points so that interruption of certain links does not affect commercial use for customers.

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA)

  • As a public network acceleration service with global coverage that utilizes Alibaba Cloud’s superior bandwidth and global transmission network, the service achieves near connectivity with global networks and cross-regional deployment of applications to enhance the experience of accessing public networks.

  • Excellent stability

    Utilize Alibaba Cloud’s global accelerator network for high speed connections from origin sites to the customer end; the upgraded transmission layer protocol greatly enhances the stability and performance of network transmissions.

  • High-level security

    Manage customer’s security access strategy for applications with support for white/black lists and use in combination with advanced protection services to automatically detect attacks and toggle to links with security protections.

  • Ease of deployment

    Simply start using it for unified monitoring of all resources and operations to enhance the flexibility and agility of business deployment.

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