Digital Integration and Application Solutions

Cloud services are a cornerstone of enterprise development. The use of diverse applications and services can enhance the performance of cloud services, reduce costs, and achieve maximum synergy within an enterprise. Nextlink Technology offers digital integration and application services and customized enterprise solutions for all fields.

Diverse Digital Applications and Services

Nextlink Technology provides more than professional cloud services, we actively work with global partners to build comprehensive digital transformation solutions that encompass commercial applications, data security and protections, remote virtual desktops, accelerating connections, monitoring performance, modernizing databases, high performance development tools, and other services that help enterprises achieve digital transformation and enhance operational performance.

Commercial Applications and Services

Connection Acceleration Solutions

Database Modernization

Performance Monitoring Platform

Remote Virtual Desktop

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Nextlink Technology One-Stop Digital Transformation Services

Nextlink Technology is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner for the Greater China Region. We offer professional cloud services and work with our many partners to build customized cloud ecosystems that have earned the recommendations and praise from our global customers. Nextlink Technology strives to offer the right solutions for our customers.