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The change in consumption behaviors in recent years has forced retailers to reshape the way they use data.  AWS data solutions can help organizations to store, analyze, and visualize data, offering a one-stop solution for online stores and e-commerce to manage data and make better decisions.


Grasp the new business trends of online retail

Now that online retail has become a global trend, are online retailers prepared for massive future business opportunities? How can businesses accelerate software upgrades and utilize powerful cloud solutions to discover prospect customers, retain consumer attention, and increase conversion rate?

4 reasons why you should use cloud

AWS industry-focused solutions provide a wide range of services, from cloud migration to machine learning for personalized experiences. The consumption models can be easily tracked and optimized with one-stop cloud services from AWS, and turn data into insights and opportunities.

Cloud migration

By utilizing online data transfer solutions such as AWS DataSync or the AWS Transfer series, online retailers can migrate existing on-premise solutions to the cloud. The 3 major features of availability, security, and durability of cloud services can be leveraged for greater business flexibility while decreasing operational costs.

Personalized recommendations

Amazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning service that allows developers to easily build applications with personalized experiences such as specific product recommendations, product rankings, and other marketing strategies. Also, developers can train and configure machine learning (ML) models to allow online retailers to better understand the habits and profiles of consumer behavior.

Immersive retail experience

If online retailers can utilize AR/VR to select and purchase products online, consumers will enjoy a better shopping experience and win opportunities to increase conversion rates! The Amazon IVS interactive video service is an instant streaming solution that helps you build interactive video experiences that offer consumers an immersive shopping experience.

Optimized website experience

Optimize website experience Online retail websites are the heart of every brand. With AWS website services such as AWS CloudFront which offers transmits content at high speeds with low latency, Amazon CloudSearch which offers a site search solution, and AWS Shield which provides website security, consumers can enjoy an optimal browsing experience.

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Nextlink Solutions

In addition to providing customers with a great shopping experience and expanding opportunities, businesses must also improve their ability to utilize data. The capability to track and utilize sales analysis and product sales volume over long periods offers key data indicators and is greatly beneficial for business analysis and insights in new business opportunities.

Stable data storage solutions

The first step to applying data is to store and gather data. For enterprises or business units in the midst of transformation, data may be located on site, in the cloud, or even still be in analog form. These issues can become significant challenges at the beginning of the transformation process. Nextlink Technology previously assisted Leezen with migrating the contents of their online retail website and database to Amazon S3, utilizing Amazon RDS to maintain database read/write load. This helped Leezen reduce the time required to maintain an on-premise database and plan even more promotional events and strategies to increase site traffic by 50%, while not sacrificing stability.

Data analytics solutions

Once data is gathered, the most important tasks are to categorize, organize, and analyze their meaning. Nextlink Technology utilized AWS DataLake technology to help Taiwantrade combine services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, and Amazon Redshift for rapid data extraction and analysis. This reduced analysis time by nearly 30% and allowed Taiwantrade to make market judgments that were faster and more accurate.

Visualized data analytics

Visualized data analytics Visualized data analytics can be applied to make your data easier to read. Nextlink Technology can help you implement Amazon Quicksight to allow users to quickly find the data they need without having the need to understand database query logic; alternatively, you can utilize Tableau’s drag and drop functionality to combine and organize data. This allows even those without engineering backgrounds can use it intuitively.

雲端升級轉型 掌握電子商務新趨勢

Success Stories from Customers

Nextlink客戶 EZTable簡單桌


Nextlink Technology assisted Eztable with building a reservation system and front end database on AWS. The cloud system simultaneously offered data security and traffic monitoring, allowing reservation information to rapidly integrate with the front end app and achieve an improved consumer experience.
Through one-stop cloud services, from migration to applying integrated data, Nextlink Technology assists online retailers with planning the most comprehensive cloud architecture. We not only offer solutions for on premise issues, but also assist businesses with developing new business opportunities on the cloud! Want to learn more about the secrets of how online retailers use cloud services to increase sales? Contact a professional Nextlink Technology cloud consultant now!