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AICOM – Elevating Cloud Management with Intelligence

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AICOM – Revolutionizing Cloud Management

Nextlink Technology is proud to introduce “AICOM,” designed to help businesses tackle complex cloud management tasks. This innovative solution empowers companies to achieve exceptional cloud operations efficiently, enabling them to focus on greater business value!

Common pain points in cloud management

Cloud management is a critical aspect that many businesses grapple with. Are you experiencing any of the following management issues in your cloud usage?

Cloud resource Management

  • Experiencing resource overuse or idle waste?
    Struggling to accurately monitor and manage cloud resources?

User access management

  • Inefficient cross-department cloud management?
    Tedious and time-consuming IT maintenance work?

Budget and billing management

  • Are the diverse billing models of cloud services confusing?
    Do you find it challenging to comprehend the costs incurred by using cloud services?
    Is it difficult to budget, make decisions, and optimize resources effectively?

AI empowered cloud management

Recognizing the challenges faced by enterprises in complex cloud management, AICOM, as our flagship cloud management solution, utilizes AI technology to address three key challenges: “Cloud Resource Analysis,” “Billing Integration” and “User Access Grouping” aiming to achieve operational excellence.

Cloud Resource Analysis

AICOM offers automatically generated visual dashboards, which not only significantly reduce labor costs but also enable businesses to easily conduct cloud resource analysis, including costs, resource usage, and multidimensional data analysis. This allows businesses to quickly grasp changes in multi-account cloud resource deployment.

Billing Integration

AICOM integrates enterprise “multi-account” and “multi-project” billing, providing interactive charts quickly tailored to specific needs, making cloud costs transparent at a glance. This enables businesses to effectively reduce hidden costs, exercise cost control, and make predictions with ease.

User Access Grouping

AICOM offers functionality for authorizing and managing users based on groups and levels, helping IT departments in enterprises reduce tedious manual maintenance work and lower cybersecurity risks. Additionally, AICOM’s authorization mechanism can flexibly address the needs of interdepartmental collaboration and project planning. Users can customize permissions accordingly, enhancing operational efficiency.

Achieving efficient smart cloud management in five steps

Allocation-Optimal resource deployment

We meticulously arrange and allocate your resources based on your business needs, objectives, and real-world circumstances to ensure maximum efficiency while safeguarding cybersecurity.

Analysis-intelligent insights

With AI-driven data analysis technology, we delve deep into cloud resource utilization and fluctuations, uncovering potential challenges and opportunities to support the formulation of wise strategies.

Optimization-continuous improvement

We assist businesses in refining cloud resource management processes to enhance efficiency while reducing costs, aiming to find the best management approach.

Operation-standardized operations

Once the optimal management approach tailored to the business is identified, we ensure that operations adhere to the highest standards, enabling continuous and maximized performance improvement.

Automation-streamlined processes

Following process optimization and standardization, repetitive tasks are automated using AI technology, allowing business teams to focus more on core operations.

AICOM enables one-stop business excellence

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud services, optimizing cloud management has become a major challenge. AICOM helps businesses achieve one-stop excellence, from managing cross-organizational cloud accounts to real-time dynamic reports, all through a centralized command center for a secure and efficient cloud environment. Start experiencing AICOM today and make it your smart management partner in 2024, using next-generation solutions to create more value!


What is AICOM? How does it help me manage all my cloud resources?

AICOM (Artificial Intelligence Cloud Optimization Management), is a cloud management platform that helps businesses achieve one-stop excellence. It offers cross-organizational cloud account management, real-time dynamic reports, and a centralized command center for a secure and efficient cloud environment.

Is AICOM difficult to use at first?

AICOM’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, designed for daily business needs to streamline management and ensure easy adoption for all users.

How can I get started with AICOM?

Contact our dedicated consulting team now for personalized assistance in accessing AICOM’s advantages today and upgrading your cloud data management comprehensively!