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Snyk- Open Source Code Security Management

A data security solution tailor made for developers, allowing for search and automated repair of code, open source code, containers, and vulnerabilities in infrastructure or code to comprehensively scan for risks and vulnerabilities in source code.

Cloud Cybersecurity Platform Snyk Protects the Data of Enterprises

Currently, Snyk can be integrated with the source code of all major platforms and achieve CI/CD processes with support for Java, Javascript, Golang, Python, Ruby, Scala, and dozens of other programming languages. Today, more than 27 million developers across the world utilize Snyk tools. Snyk also offers open source tools that developers can apply to find program vulnerabilities as well as a Snyk platform that allows security code developers to promote their own tools. Nextlink Technology’s consulting team will provide details based on DevSecOps, developer experiences, code analysis, and artificial intelligence. The performances and benefits of using Snyk include:

Cybersecurity for development and operations – DevSecOps

DevSecOps is a combination of development, security, and operations. The development team’s responsibility is to integrate cybersecurity into existing DevOps and assist development teams with implementing cybersecurity awareness and forming a culture of DevSecOps that can greatly improve an enterprise’s overall productivity and software quality.

AI Enhanced Developer Experiences

SNYK Code follows the new concept of static code analysis with unprecedented speed and accuracy that provide immediate results when writing code; as such, the improved code security and more efficient productivity and power improve the developer experience and provide greater benefits and output to enterprises.

Real-time Semantic Code Analysis

The unique speed of SNYK’s code engine allows it to process large volumes of code and quickly identify patterns of change that occur within the code. Next, the engine applies logic programming rules to display security questions with a wealth of meta information (such as: explanations and examples).

Continuous AI Learning

SNYK Code AI Engine applies a special process that combines machine learning submitted by several million open sources and feedback from SNYK’s security specialists. They utilize known issues from the SNYK security intelligence database to inform training sets. The process is one-of-a-kind and guarantees the continuous growth and integrity of the AI knowledge base and code-safe notation as well as curated content that is extensive and easy to understand.

開放原始碼安全控管 SNYK

Snyk Popular Applications & Services

Snyk Code

This reforms traditional source code security through Static Application Security Testing (SAST) which effectively solves the issues of traditional SAST tools such as long scan times, poor accuracy, and frequent false positives, and provides easier operations that help increase the efficiency of developers.

Snyk Open Source

The industry’s leading and most advanced smart software composition analysis (SCA) technology assists developers with the early detection of issues and offers search, prioritizing, and fixing security vulnerabilities and permissions issues in open source projects.

Snyk Container

Develop dedicated containers to increase the security of containers and Kubernetes. Assist developers and DevOps with finding and fixing vulnerabilities in SDLC before workloads and production, deploy subsequent monitoring for increased protection.

Snyk IaC

Developer-facing DevOps and IaC Security Protects Infrastructure at the Source. SNYK infrastructure-as-code (SNYK IaC) embeds secure development practices throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure and provides developers with the visibility and expertise to actively fix security issues and achieve 100% IaC coverage in the cloud.

Snyk Cloud

Snyk Cloud is a developer-focused cloud security across the SDLC that allows teams to comprehensively understand environments and appropriately manage vulnerabilities. Cloud security utilizes a unified strategy for its code engine and as such, each team can safely develop, deploy, and operate in the cloud by integrating cloud infrastructure and security into developer workflows. This allows for the testing and repair of configuration issues in the build process to prevent misconfigurations from entering production environments.


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Nextlink helps you adopt Snyk Solutions

Nextlink is highly experienced with years in cloud services and offers integration with familiar developer tools such as GitHub, Snyk, and HackMD. The cloud integration of these services provides developers an easy-to-manage and secure environment, and one-stop services to save the hasssels of purchasing tools from multiple providers. We assist enterprises with the unified management of internal resources to improve collaboration and security amongst internal teams as well as ensure regulatory compliance in all enterprise processes.