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GitHub is the world's largest software development platform, providing cloud storage space for source code; additionally, GitHub is a powerful development tool for enterprises that satisfies the requirements of security and compliance management.


The world’s largest professional software development platform – GitHub

Want to implement an agile DevOps development process but can’t find the right tools? How can high performance development productivity be maintained with the rise in popularity of remote working models?

GitHub is the world’s largest software development platform, and offers cloud storage of source code, support for all mainstream programming languages, and connects each iteration of an application into a complete process. GitHub is also the largest community of professional software developers capable of solving your development issues. Its simple and intuitive version control functionality means that all changes in the code are logged to create a complete historical record, thereby reducing the management challenges associated with version control for developers. Development teams can maintain high productivity even in remote work scenarios.

4 Advantages of Using Github

Collaborative code editor

Development environments such as Codespaces allow programmers to quickly access code through any device to compile, test, debug, package, and deploy applications to familiar production environments.

Automated CI/CD processes

One of the core elements of DevOps is automated CI/CD processes that include function testing, event tagging, and requesting reviews of changes. GitHub Enterprise includes thousands of built-in automation commands and offers customized development interfaces that help you build flexible and automated work flows.

Compliance with enterprise grade data security standards

This includes support for LDAP and SAML protocols, the establishment of regulatory compliant IP lists, and support for GPG or S/MIME encryption and 2-step authentication. Employee accounts, network security, and data are saved as audit records to comprehensively safeguard the critical intellectual property of enterprises.

Project and permissions management tool

A system that controls access and permissions based on roles offers sufficient authorization to members. Administrators can set project objectives, track the progress of tasks, and create Wikis to pass down knowledge through GitHub Enterprise.

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GitHub Enterprise increases your productivity by 50%

Increases productivity by 50% and saves 45 minutes per day for developers

  • GitHub helps developers save the time they would have spent reviewing and repeating code, configuring development environments, and waiting for deployment and development environments. After 3 years, the accumulated savings increase productivity by a minimum of 50% or the equivalent of US$12 million in output value!

Reduces internal training time by 40%

  • According to statistics from GitHub, the platform has more than 60 million users worldwide and continues to grow rapidly. Every new employee who is familiar with GitHub’s tools and development environment upon entering a company will on average help new developers save 3.6 days of training time, or the equivalent of US$440,000 in costs.

Decrease investment costs in similar software by 50%

  • GitHub Enterprise has many practical built-in tools and offers flexibility in interface customization to meet enterprise requirements. On average, it can save investment costs of US$380,000 for an enterprise every 3 years.

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Nextlink can work with you to build customized digital transformation plans and optimize DevOps work flows.

We provide training courses to help your development teams to get handy on GitHub Enterprise. By conducting technical reviews, Nextlink can help your development team to continue working on existing environments and cloud platforms. Our goal is to chieve high integration of all tools and bring in agile development process for organizations.