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MongoDB Atlas

Organizations are overwhelmed by massive data each day. We need a secure and scalable database to process and manage these data.

MongoDB, a leader in modern universal database platforms, helps developers unleash the power of software and data. It has nearly 30,000 paid users worldwide and more than 175 million downloads. MongoDB is also compatible with industry-leading cloud services, on-premise servers, and developers’ local laptops.

Nextlink Technology can assist you in implementing MongoDB Atlas to manage your database, conduct disaster recovery, and rapid scaling. When service downtime happens, MongoDB can help you recover your system in the shortest time.

Three Ways to Utilize MongoDB Atlas

Deployment and Maintenance

Managing a single database is fast and easy, but data clusters will require additional infrastructure configuration, synchronization, and failover. MongoDB Atlas can assist you with reducing the time and maintenance costs of deploying environments.

Massive Data Management

An increasing number of enterprises now need to collect vast data. For example, in an IoT network, a huge volume of data is generated, and we need a platform to process data from different sources and formats. MongoDB Atlas allows enterprises to keep additional data formats and freely add new fields without changing table settings.

Scaling operations

Budgets and storage resources must be expanded when operations reach a certain scale. Immediate scaling is challenging for enterprises that utilize relational database management systems. MongoDB can provide faster builds at lower costs and scale application services to cover several million users.

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Major database upgrades for faster development

MongoDB Atlas is the most advanced cloud database service available on the market. It boasts incomparable data distribution and mobility across multiple clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) and built-in resource and workload optimization automation. Using MongoDB helps users eliminate the need to spend time on complex maintenance tasks and instead focus on developing product applications.

Data migration

Atlas enables the easy migration of data while minimizing the impact on applications.

Data visualization

MongoDB Atlas can be used as a data source to generate SQL reports through the BI tool, allowing you to analyze data with various structures.

Restore data

When critical data is accidentally deleted, MongoDB Atlas can restore entire databases and also query backup data to make restorations at the document level within a few minutes.


Aside from displaying memory usage and network traffic, built-in real-time monitoring can flag the busiest collections and long-running queries to help you locate targets that must be handled.

Optimization notifications

Atlas’ Performance Advisor can identify poorly performing collections, provide slow query and related indicators, and automatically generate indexing recommendations and database optimizations.

Global database

The global clusters of MongoDB Atlas help enterprises deploy data to any location, providing nearby customers with low latency, a fast response read/write, and controls for data deployment that guarantees regulatory compliance and protects customers through multi-region fault tolerance.

Protect your most sensitive data

Atlas can be linked to LDAP to manage encryption keys and repository auditing for enterprise security. Customers are provided with comprehensive data security protections with preset access and end-to-end encryption.

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Industry Applications

Industries that require architecture capable of processing and outputting massive amounts of data can utilize MongoDB to maximize their enterprise benefits. The following are examples of 4 industry types that could benefit from MongoDB:


MongoDB Atlas provides gaming companies with the maximized benefit as traffic to game servers can fluctuate greatly, especially with peak user volume during the launch of a game. During rush hours, database performance can determine the quality of the user’s gaming experiences, which may affect user retention rates.

As such, databases must have sufficient flexibility to handle such data loads. When paired with game servers, MongoDB Atlas can handle one million users while still providing each user with high-quality gaming experiences. MongoDB makes it easy for future updates and backup. Single files can be restored without having to restore the entire databases, thus offering more flexibility on operations. For example, during game rollbacks, single key rollbacks can be established within operations to greatly decrease the complexity of operations.

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Financial Services

From the establishment of fintech companies to constantly changing regulations and tech giants’ entry into the field, financial services companies have frequently undergone massive upheavals. To generate sustainable competitive advantages, financial service companies must dedicate themselves to digital transformation to leverage data and empower developers. Whether it’s the emergence of trade exchange platforms, end-to-end digital loans, AI/ML-driven fraud detection systems, or “super apps” in finance, MongoDB rapidly scales and develops new products and increases the speed of innovation.

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With the emergence of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard and greater emphasis on interoperability, the scope of data applications not only encompasses healthcare institutes, patient records, hospitalization, and transfer records but also includes data interoperability between insurance companies. MongoDB and FHIR offer native support for the JSON format, a standard widely utilized in the development of modern applications due to its ability to support many data structures and ordinary subjects in healthcare, such as patients, claims, policies, and treatment. Healthcare systems and companies utilize partnerships with MongoDB to understand their customers and build platforms with increased interoperability, thereby decreasing the burden on medical personnel and enhancing healthcare capabilities.

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Retail & e-commerce

Unprecedented challenges have massively accelerated the retail industry’s transformation. In order to achieve success and prosperity as the economy recovers from the effects of recent events, retailers must integrate all online, social, and face-to-face interactions to truly encompass consumer experiences in all channels. As such, they require real-time data analytics and extremely rapid application development. MongoDB allows for the real-time management of product catalogs and inventory across all channels and can quickly gain insights as well as effectively apply different data from the same database. Massive data is used to build customer profiles, product catalogs, inventory management, or even personalized customer files and sales recommendations.

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MongoDB Atlas can be integrated into industries to achieve the following functions:

High performance

The MongoDB WiredTiger data engine offers functions such as compression and control to satisfy the requirements of the most stringent SLA.

High flexibility

Perform single-button automatic horizontal scaling, zero downtime, and scale to greater instance types; you can designate the necessary storage space on an SSD with exclusive I/O bandwidth.

Monitoring and alerts

Immediately check critical database and hardware indicators for advanced warning of any issues that may impact performance or user experiences.

High availability

Each instance automatically deploys at least 3 data nodes on availability domains (AWS), fault domains (Azure), or regions (GCP) to keep services in operation during interruptions or routine maintenance.


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