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Compliant with security regulations, top choice for virtual office

In response to worldwide changes, many enterprises have implemented systems such as partial telecommuting, work from home, and remote work; however, which of the plethora of tools, systems, and platforms available are the most suitable? Is remote work truly secure? How can enterprises protect internal data while guaranteeing work continuity? How can enterprises cater to efficiency and security when faced with challenges from the global environment?
The remote desktop system by Citrix frees workers from the restrictions of time and space. With it, it is possible to implement a mobile office that is safe, compliant with regulations, and allows for high performance in the completion of all tasks!

Protect confidential documents with remote cloud access

Citrix integrates server applications and virtual desktop technology to free users from space restrictions when accessing enterprise IT resources; cloud security mechanisms allow for high work efficiency as well as security. Four major features of Citrix are as follows:

VDI virtual applications

Professional and secure virtual applications and remote desktop solutions means all data is safely stored in the cloud or data center. End users can securely work online without restrictions to location, equipment, or networks. IT is able to manage all resources centrally and rapidly scale environments. In the event that equipment is under threat, end points can be isolated from enterprise data to protect confidential resources.

Analytics solutions

Citrix analytics solutions allow organizations to detect and isolate potential threats and quickly obtain necessary information to eliminate security threats and repair performance issues. User behavior is analyzed through machine learning and AI to automatically detect network security vulnerabilities.

Unified end point management

Simplify IT equipment management allows IT staff to control all types of terminal equipment, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, and Mac, through a single control panel. Features such as mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise mobile management (EMM) allows employees to work safely from any end point while protecting sensitive data and user information.

Secure access

In a departure from traditional local VPN, end-to-end zero trust eliminates the need for users to access entire networks and instead remotely access SaaS and internal Web applications. This method combines identity, time, and equipment status, and issues authorization for access based on an application’s place and method of use. This allows for comprehensive protections that prevent threats such as unauthorized application access or cyberattacks.

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Nextlink can help customers bring in Citrix to reinforce remote and hybrid work models, creating a flexible cloud-based work environment that can enhance work efficiency and the operational performance of enterprises.