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Nextlink Technology is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and is the first company in Taiwan to obtain the certifications and qualifications as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Our team of cloud experts, with over 200+ AWS Certifications, is dedicated to solving our customers’ challenges through designing and building technology solutions and providing ongoing support through proactive environment monitoring, automation, and management.

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About Nextlink

Build a Comprehensive Cloud Ecosystem

As an industry leader in cloud services, Nextlink Group offers integrated services for public, private, and hybrid clouds including AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to build customized multi-cloud service architectures for enterprises and comprehensive cloud ecosystems. We have experience in servicing more than 2000 domestic and overseas companies in industries such as high tech, gaming, media, retail, and e-commerce, thereby helping enterprises maximize their operational synergy.

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Our Customers

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Nextlink客戶 MaiCoin
Nextlink客戶 東南旅遊
共享機車WeMo Scooter

Success Stories

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Kee Wah Bakery

Nextlink supported Kee Wah Bakery to migrate its e-commerce platform to the AWS cloud. With AWS, Kee Wah can leverage highly available cloud infrastructure to improve their business performance. They can also efficiently utilize real-time monitoring to manage their website and avoid unplanned downtime due to surges in traffic, especially during peak seasons, such as the Mid-autumn Festival and the Chinese New Year.

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Plaza Premium

Plaza Premium

Architecture diagram Nextlink assisted Plaza Premium in migrating workloads to AWS with high scalability and security, and improved the reliability of the AWS system architecture by 20% and reduced costs by 50%. With AWS information security best practices, Nextlink has strengthened the five aspects of security for Plaza Premium, and greatly improved the security protection. […]

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Yamato Logistics Hong Kong

“This data solution is a milestone along the digital journey of Yamato Hong Kong”, says Geroge Tang, Sales Manager of Nextlink Hong Kong. “The FMS is a piece of important information and asset for the logistics and transportation businesses.

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Nextlink provided solutions and suggestions to optimize Aquatech’s environment based on AWS best practices to ensure it is secured, reliable, efficient, and running at an optimized cost.

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International Games System Co., Ltd.

Nextlink can provide multiple assistance and suggestions from the perspective of customers to provide the most effective help.

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Le Ble d’Or F&B Co., Ltd.

As a forward-looking company, Le Ble d’Or employed AWS for integration assessment when Cloud technologies took off a decade ago. The stable AWS systems

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friDay Video

AWS Application Architecture AWS focus on customer obsession, and using AWS makes friDay Video's development team work without any worries.

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What is Data Cleaning? A Necessary Step Before Conducting Data Analysis!

According to IDC’s research, data analysis will become a highly important skill in the future. Taking action based on the results generated from data allows businesses to seize more opportunities. Prior to conducting data analysis, data preprocessing, specifically “data cleaning,” plays a crucial role in influencing the subsequent analytical outcomes. Today, BoHong Cloud aims to […]

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09/25 2023

When Generative AI Meets Cloud Security: How to Strengthen Cloud Environment Security

Generative AI technology is constantly evolving and can be considered one of the most representative topics of 2023. From designing presentations and automatically generating art using commands to building and deploying AI models with code, the potential applications and development of AI in the future are highly anticipated. However, while new technologies bring convenience to […]

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09/23 2023

Unlocking the Power of Data Cleansing: A Crucial Step Before Data Analysis

According to IDC’s research, data analysis is expected to become a crucial skill in the future. Taking action based on the results generated from data can give businesses a competitive edge. However, before diving into data analysis, data preprocessing plays a pivotal role in influencing the subsequent analysis outcomes, with the most crucial step being […]

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  • 2023/08/30 (三)15:00-16:00 HKT

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Observability with OpenAI -The Journey to Proactive IT Operations

  • Wed. 14th June | 2.00pm - 5.00pm HKT

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Nextlink OnAir | Application Modernization with Microservices and Containers

  • Wed, May 24 2023, 3pm - 4pm HKT

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