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AWS Well-Architected Certification

AWS undergoes constant updates. Therefore, to confirm whether your existing architecture addresses actual requirements or whether new AWS services are applicable to existing cloud architecture, Nextlink Technology's team of architects performs inspections and offers professional recommendations based on an enterprise's existing architecture.


AWS Well-Architected Certification

AWS Well-Architected establishes standards that provide cloud architects with a basic framework of reference when viewing cloud resource deployment. This standard helps developers build secure, high-performance, flexible, and efficient cloud environments that achieve the purpose of cost optimization and secure architecture.
Nextlink Technology offers consulting services on the technical framework and sets up checkpoints along the way to ensure that the cloud is well-architected.

The 6 pillars of Well-architected Framework

In a previously published whitepaper, AWS stated that the 5 pillars of a well-architected framework are Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Excellence, and Cost Optimization. With the increased scrutiny towards issues relating to sustainable operations in recent years, AWS has added the pillar of Sustainability into the well-architected whitepaper.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the concept of Infrastructure as Code when running and monitoring cloud systems with the flexibility to make minor changes to cloud environments to address circumstances such as errors in cloud environments. This allows enterprises to rapidly and continuously optimize their cloud environments and provide greater commercial value to achieve the concept of operational excellence.


Security refers to the primary goal of cloud data safety and how to enhance identity verifications within environments and unify the management of cloud journals and key data, thereby ensuring that environments are not under threat of attack. Additionally, security protections are necessary in all layers, such as virtual private clouds (VPC) and operating systems, in order to achieve cloud security.


The concept of reliability is automatic recovery in infrastructure and services if a disaster or error occurs in cloud environments. This allows workloads in progress to continue without interruption.

Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence allows cloud architects to utilize the latest services and serverless architecture when designing environments to quickly deploy cloud environments to multiple regions within minutes and achieve the requirements for excellent performance.

Cost Optimization

When using cloud environments, enterprises value whether the costs of environment resources have optimized returns. Therefore, AWS offers various services to control costs such as AWS Budget, Cost & Usage Report, which allow enterprises to analyze cloud usage and expenditures.


The new well-architected pillar of Sustainability added by AWS allows cloud architects to better understand the environmental impact of deploying cloud resources during planning and utilize the latest high performance cloud services to reduce the destruction of natural environments and achieve the purpose of sustainable development.

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Nextlink’s professional cloud teams assist with examining enterprise architecture to ensure that the deployment of environments meet the requirements of AWS’ 6 major pillars.

Cloud resource deployment: By building a cloud-native architecture, enterprises will no longer need to predict capacity requirements to conduct large-scale system tests and automate functions to improve the ease of experiments.

automate functions to improve the ease of experiments.
Risk reduction: Identify risks within your architecture and find solutions before launching officially to the cloud.

Make intelligent decisions: Determine the impact of architecture and trade-offs on the performance, usability, and business results of applications to facilitate the business judgments of enterprises.

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Leezen was previously unfamiliar with implementing cloud environments and architecture resulting in excessive expenditures while being unable to solve the website’s slow loading during peak traffic. Nextlink’s cloud architecture examination and service optimization not only helped Leezen decrease cost expenditures but also allowed their website to handle traffic surges. Are you worried about how to implement a cloud environment under the well-architected framework? Contact Nextlink Technology now for a professional consult about your cloud architecture!

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