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AWS cloud offers services that can quickly transfer, prepare, process, and provide broadcasting and over-the-top (OTT) videos to help media companies deploy globally with ease, optimize viewing experiences, and provide viewers with better watching experiences.


Future trend of media streaming

Netflix, the global leader of streaming services, provides more than 200 million users with high speed and stable media and video services. When the number of simultaneous users surges with the release of new shows on Netflix, the service still remains able to provide all users with the uninterrupted viewing of shows on their platform. How do they do it?
Traditionally, streaming platforms purchased additional servers to address temporary spikes in user numbers; these servers become idle after peak periods and result in additional operational costs. Nextlink Technology has identified the future trend of media streaming and offers a solution that automatically adds or decreases servers based on traffic. This eliminates the need to prepare on-premise server rooms while offering flexible expansion to allow streaming platforms to take advantage of business opportunities by providing users with an optimal viewing experience.

4 advantages of using cloud

Compared to traditional cable or paid TV services, an over-the-top (OTT) system delivers content directly to a connected device such as a smartphone, smart TV, or tablet. According to a Business Wire report, the global OTT market will grow to US$194.2 billion in 2025. As AWS cloud applications become more widespread, many emerging media companies are starting to establish livestreaming and OTT platforms by utilizing the services of AWS, which are not restricted by geography, to deliver content to audiences in different countries. This has created a massive business opportunity in cloud media while offering 4 major advantages through the cloud.

Automatic scaling with video traffic

Flexibly add or decrease resources deployed on AWS to satisfy your audience’s real-time streaming requirements. This not only reduces the time and cost of building infrastructure, automatic scaling is also capable of handling the daily growing applications of streaming videos and transferring large files.

Stream and deliver content globally

Amazon CloudFront is utilized as a low latency content delivery network (CDN) to increase the efficiency of video transmission. Content is published at nodes located nearest to audiences with easy scaling to millions of users. This ensures audiences can enjoy an improved media experience.

Rapid construction and adjustment

AWS offers the widest range of cloud services that allow media companies to easily scale their resources; machine learning and analytics allow for innovative new business opportunities based on audience interests. Rapidly build, test, and launch services.

PAYG billing model

A pay-as-you-go billing model means paying only for what you use on AWS and eliminating expenditures such as initial infrastructure costs.

3 ways to build your digital content on AWS

1.AWS Elemental Media Service

AWS Elemental is a cloud media solution that can be used to build OTT, VOD, and livestreaming media services. When using AWS Elemental, the source video is transmitted to AWS Elemental Live for encoding before being stored in Elemental Mediastore; finally, content is published to OTT devices across the world through Amazon CloudFront. Nextlink Technology utilizes one-stop solutions to help you rapidly establish a video streaming service.

Nextlink AWS Elemental

2. Cloud Video Streaming

Nextlink Technology assists video streaming platforms with building media servers, Amazon CloudFront, and AWS Kinesis video streams on AWS. You can plan dedicated architecture based on different application scenarios to help you rapidly build video streaming environments on the cloud.

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3.Build a Global Content Delivery Network

Nextlink can assist you with implementing Amazon CloudFront services for immediate or on-demand high speed low-latency content delivery to global audiences and devices on an immediate or on-demand basis. This effectively reduces customer costs and improves the user experience.

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Nextlink is the only AWS Premier Tier Services Partner service supplier that also offers channel partners with AWS Elemental. Nextlink can assist customers with the effective use of AWS Elemental services for both instant or on-demand videos. We offer one-stop media solutions for building exceptional media services, whether it’s for on-premise or cloud environments or for device compatibility, encoding, encryption, and authorization settings.