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Implement the Cloud! The First Step Towards Transformation

The advent of the Industry 4.0 era and the impact of the pandemic are forcing manufacturers to tackle new transformational challenges, such as upgrading facilities, modifying production lines, and integrating operational technology and information technology. Meanwhile, manufactureres are also faced with existing challenges like low work efficiency, high costs on IT Management, and lacking of ailigy to cope with the dynamic market demands.

To overcome these painpoints, Nextlink offers comprehensive solutions with AWS cloud services. Together, we can overcome the obstacles of digital transformation and help manufacturers transform into a cloud-based organization with high flexibility.

Three Major Advantages of Applying Cloud Computing in Manufacturing Industries

The operations of industrial manufacturers are driven by large amounts of data. Data is an essential factor for decision making, providing advanced warnings, and predictive analysis, thereby reducing operational costs and risks and achieving better results. Cloud computing offers secure storage, classification, and analysis of data to help manufactures gain insights from their data and achieve the following:

Optimization of costs and resources

Reducing costs in on-premise storage and computing servers eases the burden on corporate management and helps enterprises focus on new areas of R&D as well as operations.

Improved management efficiency

By integrating on-premise and cloud applications, users can effectively allocate resources by utilizing data for real-time and predictive analysis, thereby saving labor costs and improving overall management efficiency.

Agile decision-making

Cloud computing can help enterprises rapidly obtain resources, reduce development time and costs, and implement flexible adjustments based on the time and traffic requirements, thereby allowing enterprises to make the right decisions in response to ever-changing markets.

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Comprehensive AWS Manufacturing Solutions

It’s necessary to consider a wide range of issues when migrating to the cloud. In response to certain manufacturing industries being unable to fully utilize cloud services, AWS has launched on-premise cloud integration as a solution to simultaneously ensure both efficiency and production capacity.

AWS designed a front-end to back-end process for IoT with leading edge computing technologies to transfer data collected in the cloud and by on-premise machinery, and facilitate their analysis. Additionally, machine learning and artificial intelligence are utilized to create factories assisted by AI, which can improve complex production processes and predict machine failures before they occur. Details of AWS solutions and technologies are as follow:

Cloud / on-premise integration

  • AWS IoT Core

    AWS established an IoT cloud platform capable of working with AWS Lambda to upload and analyze front-end sensor data, support front-end IoT operation, and provide core technology services related to the entire AWS IoT. Connected devices can easily and safely interact with other cloud applications and devices to collect, process, and analyze data generated from connected devices and take actions. This eliminates the need to manage infrastructure.

  • AWS IoT Greengrass Core

    This service differs from IoT Core in its integration of linked storage and connected devices in the existing environment to execute AWS Lambda functions, execute predictions based on machine learning models, and maintain data sync across devices.

  • Amazon FreeRTOS

    Otherwise known as FreeRTOS, this system is the first front-end sensor node within the AWS IoT process and is suitable for application in the operating systems of microcontrollers. This allows small, low-powered edge devices to easily perform application design and deployment as well as monitoring and management. It is commonly used for inventory warnings when materials or resources will soon be depleted.

Predictive capabilities help maintain production capacity, save on data conversion time

  • AWS IoT Analytics

    This system allows users to easily perform sophisticated analytics on large amounts of IoT data. Compared to general IoT analytics platforms that must complete preparations such as integrating various resources and communications, IoT Analytic screens, converts, and adds IoT data before ordering them according to their timestamps into storage for analysis.

  • AWS IoT Events

    Allows for easy detection and responses to incidents on the factory end via IoT sensors and applications, thereby making the overall process smoother and faster. For instance, if an issue occurs on a conveyor belt within a factory, the location is reported immediately.

Application management

  • AWS IoT Device Management

    Capable of large-scale registration, organization, monitoring, and remote managing of IoT devices; users can easily manage permissions to keep devices safe. Users can also simultaneously watch out for any circumstances within clusters of IoT devices

AI application solutions

  • Amazon ECS Anywhere / Amazon EKS Anywhere

    These systems allow customers to utilize AWS cloud related services in their data centers or private cloud networks. They are suitable for management across all environments and containers and offer identical services such as monitoring permissions, cluster management, and deployment channels.

  • Machine learning / AI deployment

    Machine learning and AI have the execution, recognition, and computational capabilities to predict events in order to optimize production processes, predict machinery failures, and reduce operating risks. Amazon SageMaker provides existing modular services that allow developers and data scientists to build, deploy, and train models.


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Nextlink is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner in the Greater China region. We are selected by Gartner as a top global public cloud infrastructure colocation service provider and by CIO Magazine as the AWS cloud partner with the most positive outlook in the Asia Pacific.

We have years of customer service experience and achieved over 200+ AWS Certifications, allowing us to build customized cloud solutions for our customers. We offer customized, comprehensive solutions with AWS cloud services to help manufactureres overcome the obstacles of digital transformation and achieve the goal of becoming a cloud-based, digital-driven manufacturer.