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Nextlink utilizes AWS data solutions to help customers process large amounts of data.


Mastering Data Analytics is the Key to Market Profitability

“Data is the oil of this new era”. Since 2020, analysts at Bernstein have predicted owning data will be the source of future profitability. In addition to gathering and consolidating data, companies with the ability to correctly analyze data and uncover relevant market phenomena to achieve agile decision-making will be capable of becoming market leaders. As an AWS partner, Nextlink Technology’s professional team can help enterprises utilize AWS data solutions to quickly process and analyze data in addition to uncovering new value within data.

Advantages of AWS Data Analysis Service

Traditional on-premise services are difficult to manage and cannot handle the real-time integration of data. However, if enterprises are able to apply AWS cloud data analytics services, they can vastly reduce operation time and build data-centric work models with information transparency to enhance the collaborative efficiency of their teams. Features of AWS Data Analysis Service include:

Data Security

Data and information are the foundations of every enterprise. Nextlink Technology offers data security protections of the highest specifications and various security services. All services comply with security standards and Nextlink’s data security partners will ensure that your data is safe and sound.

Convenient Data Access

Files can be accessed using any method without worrying about differences between data sources and formats that may impede integration; when combined with AWS data analytics services, the organization and access of data utilizes more efficient methods of conversion and application.

Save on Storage Costs

Continuing the “pay-as-you-go” model of AWS, the cost of data storage offers far more flexibility with faster, more convenient expansion, upgrade, and scaling compared to on-the-ground solutions. Alternatively, customers can select the existing storage service in AWS’s automated maintenance or contract management to Nextlink to save on operating costs.

Nextlink Data數據服務

3 Major AWS Data Solutions

AWS Data Solutions offer the 3 major categories of Data Warehouse, Data Integration, and Data Lake. Combining through large amounts of data becomes a breeze, and the advantages of utilizing a highly flexible and scalable cloud enable comprehensive, real-time data analysis services based on your enterprise planning and development.

Data Warehouse

  • Amazon Redshift

    A database that allows for scaling out, distributed computing, and storage. Data from Amazon S3 can be directly imported into your database; search is also available for specific file formats on Amazon S3.

  • Amazon Athena

    Server-less interactive query service that eliminates the need to manage infrastructure; supports standard SQL, fast query, and data processing and analytics services.

Data Integration

  • AWS Glue

    The serverless data integration service of AWS is used in the application of data integration services for analytics and machine learning development.

Data Lake

  • Amazon S3

    The most basic, highly durable general object storage service utilized for structured/unstructured/semi-structured data such as: videos, images, and metadata.

  • AWS Lake Formation

    This tool for Data Lake settings simply requires defining data sources, data access, and security policies users wish to implement. The storage system then assists in data collection and storing them in the new AWS storage architecture.

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  • Amazon Kinesis

    Data collection and real-time processing analysis. Data is processed, analyzed, and responded to upon arrival, thereby eliminating the need to wait for collecting all data before processing begins.

Nextlink Data數據服務

Comparison of Data Lake and Data Warehouse

In terms of data storage services, Data Lake and Data Warehouse offer enterprises with the most suitable data processing services based on data types and scenarios. The following is a comparison of the two:

Data LakeData warehouse
AdvantagesFlexible storage space
Massive storage space
Quick and efficient data analysis
Higher storage cost
Data typesAll types of source data
Structured and unstructured
Structured data
Usage scenariosMachine learning and big data analyticsCommercial data summary analysis

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Nextlink Technology Helps Enterprises Build Customized AWS Data Solutions

Nextlink Technology holds more than 200 AWS certifications and competency. We have helped over 2,000 overseas and domestic customers, and offers solutions for cloud migration, disaster recovery, and data analytics. Our professional cloud consulting and technical teams can plan comprehensive data solutions based on enterprise requirements and assist with agile data usage by utilizing AWS data solutions. Gain insights from a sea of data and improve workflows, models, create new value, and achieve business goals.

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

Nextlink Technology is one of the few AWS partners in the Greater China Region to have achieved the AWS Premier Tier Services Partner qualification. Furthermore, we are the first AWS partner in Taiwan to achieve the Managed Service Provider (MSP) competency.

More than 2000 overseas and domestic customers

Trusted by renowned enterprises in industries spanning technology, manufacturing, gaming, and media Headquartered in Taiwan, we have helped more than 2000 publicly listed companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Europe, and the U.S.

Various professional cloud certifications

Nextlink Technology has achieved over 200 AWS certifications and competency, allowing us to build customized cloud solutions based on professional perspectives for our customers.

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