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DevOps is a methodology that combines culture, practice, and tools and can enhance an organization's capability in the rapid delivery of applications and services. The practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery are used to improve and accelerate collaboration between development and operation teams.


What is DevOps

DevOps, the combination of Development and Operations, refers to the close collaboration between the two teams to achieve higher work efficiency and transparency. After completing the software development process, engineers transfer projects to operation teams who deliver products to customers and return customer feedback to engineers. This allows teams to update software products and accelerate new iterations quickly.

DevOps Improves Enterprise Innovation

In the age of internet proliferation, software development speeds have far exceeded our imaginations. To remain competitive, enterprises must continuously shorten development time and quickly verify with clients while fixing software to achieve products with optimum status. Enterprises must undergo digital transformations to maintain highly efficient development and operation speeds. But, more importantly, they must also practice the concepts of DevOps to enhance customer stickiness and satisfaction toward their products in this highly competitive software sector and improve the enterprise’s agility and innovation!

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Best Practices and Advantages of DevOps

When enterprises perform digital transformations and apply DevOps concepts in their organizations, the 5 major practices below can improve the speed of software delivery and updates as well as enhance competitiveness.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

  • The concepts of continuous integration and delivery allow developers to transfer modified code to servers for the automatic building and testing of code before delivering directly to the customer. These processes not only enable the discovery of buggy code to improve software quality, they also decrease time spent verifying and updating software.


  • Microservices “Every micro service is bestowed a singular and critical mission”. The concept of a single application framework enables developers to more easily deploy software updates.

Infrastructure as Code

  • The principle of Infrastructure-as-Code allows developers or system administrators to utilize code and quickly deploy version updates or continuous delivery (CI) in the management of code and software development technologies in application environments and the deployment of infrastructure.

  • Configuration management

    Utilizing code to automate tasks related to operating systems and operations allows for the standardization of configuration code.

  • Policy as Code

    With the cloud deployment of infrastructure code, enterprises can monitor code compliance in real-time.

Monitoring & Logging

  • Enterprises can utilize application monitoring and data analysis to understand how changes or updates impact users and gain insights on the root of application issues and unexpected changes.

Communication & Collaboration Communication and collaboration between teams is a core concept in DevOps. Good channels of communication between developers and operations staff enables the flow of information and allows enterprises to increase agility and improve the speed of software delivery.

  • Communication and collaboration between teams is a core concept in DevOps. Good channels of communication between developers and operations staff enables the flow of information and allows enterprises to increase agility and improve the speed of software delivery.

Advantages of AWS DevOps

AWS offers many services related to the execution of DevOps to assist with the safe storage of source code and version control, along with automatic building, testing, and deploying applications to AWS or on-premise environments.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

  • AWS CodePipeline

    Software Publishing Workflow

  • AWS CodeBuild

    Hosting service, build and test code

  • AWS CodeDeploy

    Automatically deploy code to Amazon EC2 or on-premise machines

  • AWS CodeStar

    Integrate CI/CD projects


  • Amazon Elastic Container Service

    Container management service, support for Docker container platform

  • AWS Lambda

    Serverless computing service

Infrastructure as Code

  • AWS Cloud Formation

    Templated infrastructure deployment

  • AWS OpsWorks

    Chef configuration management

  • AWS Systems Manager

    Assist you with the automatic collection of software inventory, establishing operating system configurations, and other related management

  • AWS Config

    Full hosting service offers configuration history, notifications regarding configuration changes, and activates mechanisms for security and regulatory compliance

Monitoring & Logging

  • Amazon CloudWatch

    Monitoring of cloud and connection environments

  • AWS X-Ray

    Dispersed tracking system, analyzing and debugging decentralized applications

  • AWS CloudTrail

    Track records of API use and provide log analysis

  • Amazon DevOps Guru

    Apply machine learning to improve the operating performance and usability of applications

Communication & Collaboration

  • AWS CodeCommit

    Cloud hosting security and highly scalable Git repository


Nextlink Technology’s 3 Advantages in Enterprise DevOps Implementation

Tools in different phases of DevOps require different programming languages and runtime environments, for instance the runtime environments of operating systems, databases, or middleware servers. Nextlink’s full hosting team combines AWS DevOps services and the application of various open source tools to help customers build automated monitoring and deployment processes. The integration of various tools into the DevOps process allows enterprises to quickly implement, deploy, complete software cycles, and obtain user feedback to greatly enhance product advantages and competitiveness.

Hosting & Operations Team

As an AWS certified hosting partner, Nextlink Technology’s operations team monitors your cloud environment in real-time and provides architecture examinations and optimization recommendations. Your cloud environment is secure with Nextlink Technology.

Taiwan’s Only GitHub Agent

Our professional cloud architecture specialists and operations team will assist with the deployment of GitHub on your AWS or servers, simplify development processes, and achieve the principles of DevOps to improve the speed of services and delivery.

Real-time Support Services

Our comprehensive troubleshooting SOP can solve cloud emergencies so that your DevOps processes and environments remain unaffected.