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FET Private Cloud

Cloud-integrated off-site and hybrid cloud backup services

Nextlink Technology helps solve the issues of public, private, and hybrid cloud applications.

Are you having problems choosing between public and private clouds? Or are you using both but having issues integrating them?

Nextlink Technology has partnered with FET to offer integrated solutions for public and private clouds with off-site backup integration, construction, and maintenance services. FET owns 99.99% telecom-grade cloud server facilities with ISO27001 and ISO20000 certifications to offer comprehensive protections for customer data and connections to server rooms. Customers can choose from flexible bandwidth options based on their needs.

Integrated Off-site Backup Services

FET’s private cloud service offers an exclusive mixed cloud backup architecture with telecom line for transmission channels that are absolutely secure in providing timely backups that ensure uninterrupted operations. In addition, FET’s integrated off-site backup cloud services provide detailed monthly status reports so that IT departments within enterprises can have a full overview of the backed-up data, thus ensuring that key data is not overlooked.

Professional Construction and Maintenance Services

Due to regulatory requirements or other factors, many enterprises are unable to utilize public cloud services. However, the labor and operation costs of building and maintaining private clouds are significant, so one possible option is to contract a telecommunications company to construct and maintain a private cloud.

FET’s years of experience building cloud servers allows the company to provide enterprises with recommendations for private, public, and mixed cloud architecture. Additionally, Nextlink Technology’s consultants offer exclusive assistance with comprehensive planning, deployment, upgrade, maintenance, and data security services.

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Nextlink Technology is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner for the Greater China Region. We offer professional cloud services and work with our many partners to build customized cloud ecosystems that have earned the recommendations and praise from our global customers. Nextlink Technology strives to offer the right solutions for our customers.