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Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX)

Providing High Quality, Stable Connections and Data Security


Private network connection for hybrid clouds

The arrival of the cloud era has led to more enterprises utilizing public cloud solutions that allow the flexible expansion of an enterprise’s internal data capacity. However, enterprises cannot securely transfer data to the cloud without a network connection that is stable, secure, and high quality. Chief Cloud eXchange eliminates customer’s worries when using cloud services by offering direct connections to the most widely used cloud platforms currently, such as AWS, Azure, and Google.

Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) is a private network connection service with integration to multiple cloud platforms. With CCX, customers can easily utilize private connections (independent connection or VPN) to access major international cloud service platforms. CCX offers customers high reliability, high delivery rates, and premium network connections that can reach speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Your top choice for linking domestic and overseas public clouds

Chief Cloud eXchange is located in an international grade IDC server room in Neihu District, Taipei City. It not only provides neutral phone connection services from major domestic fixed line operators, it also boasts data security certifications such as ISO 27001/27011/27017/27018 to provide the best and safest options for enterprises connecting to domestic or international public cloud services.

Product Features

  • Single network connection to major international cloud platforms

  • Private connection service. Enjoy the most secure private connection service

  • Connect to Chief’s global MPLS VPN backbone nodes

  • Improved reliability and delivery rate of connections

  • Stable, low latency connections

  • Flexible connection speed (max speed of 10Gbps)

Product Advantages

  • Reduced cost

    Eliminates the need for costly international submarine cables with location in Neihu, Taipei City

  • Flexible bandwidth

    Flexible bandwidth from 10M-10G without being forced to apply for GE or 10GE circuits

  • Multi-node support

    Integration with Chief’s global MPLS VPN network with support for customer global node access

  • Quality assurance

    Telecom grade exclusive connection service and backup from MPLS backbone assures circuit quality

  • Cross-cloud service

    Utilize a single physical circuit to connect with different cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Chief AppCloud, etc.)

Usage Scenarios

  • Exclusive cloud platform with a secure

    Build an exclusive cloud platform with a secure, private connection and data security compliance

  • Enterprise applications

    Build critical enterprise applications (such as SAP/ERP) with improved user experiences

  • AI / Big data computing / Multimedia

    AI/big data computing/multimedia applications that require faster speeds or massive data transfers

  • Enterprise storage, backup, and disaster recovery

    Enterprise storage, backup, and disaster recovery that require high bandwidth connections and private architecture

  • Multiple cloud platforms

    Utilize a private connection to integrate multiple cloud platforms to a single environment


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Expand your business globally with Nextlink and CCX

Nextlink Technology’s many platform certified architects and teams with domestic/international experience provide enterprises with professional, diverse, and global cloud solutions and custodian services. Integration with solutions such as CCX can provide an effective boost to your business expansion by eliminating geographical restrictions and offering seamless integration with cloud platforms. This allows you to easily deploy applications in cloud environments while enjoying high quality and secure transfers globally.