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Since AWS started providing cloud services in 2006, continuous internal innovation and experimentation at AWS has allowed it to launch new services and technologies ranging from basic computing, storage, and databases to more advanced areas such as DevOps, blockchain, machine learning, and IoT to help enterprises around the world maximize the benefits of these services.

Popular AWS Applications & Services

Nextlink Technology is one of the few AWS Premier Tier Services Partners in the Greater China region. With more than 200+ AWS Certifications, Nextlink is able to provide comprehensive cloud services for our customers across the globe.

AWS Cloud Service

AWS Services

Nextlink Technology is an excellent partner for enterprise decision-making and offers the most comprehensive AWS services

AWS Cloud Service

AWS Well-Architected Certification

AWS undergoes constant updates. Therefore, to confirm whether your existing architecture addresses actual requirements or whether new AWS services are applicable to existing cloud architecture, Nextlink Technology’s team of architects performs inspections and offers professional recommendations based on an enterprise’s existing architecture.

AWS Cloud Service

Cloud Migration

As there are myriad issues that can arise in enterprise cloud services, Nextlink is capable of providing customers with early, middle, and late phase migration services based on the internationally recognized 7R optimization process. The safest, most systematic migration plan is implemented after establishing a strategy, verifying the concept, and designing relevant architectures.


AWS Cloud Service

Disaster Recovery

AWS offers a variety of storage services, data transmission methods, and network options including backup and restoration, data access, and disaster recovery. These varied and stable products and services mean customers can enjoy comprehensive deployment plans.

AWS Cloud Service

Cloud Data Security

Data security is a priority for any cloud service. Nextlink Technology’s data security protects enterprise clouds according to the 5 major aspects of AWS. We work with data security partners to offer a range of enterprise solutions with comprehensive protections for all environments.

AWS Cloud Service

AWS Cloud Hosting

Companies without cloud technicians on staff or server monitoring mechanisms need not worry as Nextlink Technology provides 24×7 all-day surveillance and cloud infrastructure hosting services that allow you to focus on your core business without worrying about infrastructure.


AWS Cloud Service

Data Services

Nextlink utilizes AWS data solutions to help customers process large amounts of data.

AWS Cloud Service

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

In the era of information where speed determines success, Nextlink Technology’s wealth of industry experience and support for implementing CDN services easily solves issues such as slow page loading, DDoS attacks, file release, and content delivery.

AWS Cloud Service

DevOps Solutions

DevOps is a methodology that combines culture, practice, and tools and can enhance an organization’s capability in the rapid delivery of applications and services. The practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery are used to improve and accelerate collaboration between development and operation teams.

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A Trusted AWS Partner – Nextlink Technology

Nextlink Technolog is a Premier Tier Services Partner of AWS and holds more than 200 AWS certifications and specializations. Nextlink has brought AWS to leading companies across industries, including technology, manufacturing, gaming, and media. To date, Nextlink has helped more than 2,000 publicly listed companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Europe, and the U.S to embrace cloud technologies.

Nextlink’s team of cloud experts is dedicated to solving our customers’ challenges through designing and building technology solutions and providing ongoing support through proactive environment monitoring, automation, and management.

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