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In the era of information where speed determines success, Nextlink Technology's wealth of industry experience and support for implementing CDN services easily solves issues such as slow page loading, DDoS attacks, file release, and content delivery.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service. Static web content can be saved in advance to CDN nodes worldwide, allowing users to load websites more efficiently and reduce loads on the source website. Even when large volumes of users access a single service, CloudFront ensures high service availability without impacting the user experience.

Why Amazon CloudFront is ahead of other CDNs

  • Amazon CloudFront is implemented on the AWS global network, with 216 nodes transferring data worldwide. As such, cross-region requests and application requests are efficiently transferred across CloudFront’s nodes and other AWS services.

  • Network layer optimization also allows Amazon CloudFront to accelerate static and dynamic content to improve user experiences.

  • A single domain name is required to transfer static, dynamic, and interactive content across the network, providing exceptional flexibility for the user’s cache.

Amazon CloudFront Industrial Applications

  • Amazon CloudFront can solve issues such as slow webpage loading, mitigate DDoS attacks, and delays with file publishing and content delivery for any industry.

  • For example, a common solution in the e-commerce industry is to store static website resources in S3 and publish via CloudFront; when site traffic spikes upwards, the service remains stable.

  • In the media industry, Amazon Media Service and Amazon Elemental integration with Amazon CloudFront can increase streaming speeds and provide high quality video to any device.

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Success Stories


International Games System (IGS)

Renowned gaming company International Games System (IGS) utilizes a combination of Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and elastic load balancing to provide developers with long-lasting storage and high-performance computing. The architecture integrates services such as Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, and AWS CloudFormation to guarantee site security while offering advanced performance advantages and a simple configuration interface for significant benefits such as enhancing general game performance by 200%, accelerating graphics output, and decreasing build time and labor costs by 25%.

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How does Amazon CloudFront differ from traditional solutions?

Amazon CloudFront utilizes a global node network to help you attain the advantages of efficient access and low latency without exorbitant costs; Amazon CloudFront allows all developers to enjoy affordable pricing by only paying for what you use.

How can Amazon CloudFront reduce costs when publishing content over the Internet?

Compared to self-built CDNs, Amazon CloudFront doesn’t require maintaining a complex network of cache servers in multiple locations and does not require building excessive capacity to cope with peak traffic. When multiple users submit a request for the same file, Amazon CloudFront consolidates them into a single request before transferring it to servers. This reduces server load and achieves the effect of reduced cost.