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ICP Backup Plan / China Connection Solution

Does your website need exposure in China's search engines but is limited by the complex ICP backup plan application process? Nextlink Technology offers enterprises a special high speed connection solution that simplifies website building.


Operating websites within the borders of China requires applying for ICP backup plans with the Chinese government. However, the application process is cumbersome and requires excessive time and effort. In order to save time and increase exposure for your website on local search engines in China, Nextlink Technology offers a high-speed connection solution that resolves all your website implementation issues in China.

5 Advantages of Nextlink’s Solution

Nextlink Technology is the optimal partner for expanding your business into China. Our connection solution offers 5 advantages to ensure you can seamlessly build your network in China.

Simplified development process

Assistance with enterprise applications for ICP backup plans, thereby simplifying the tedious process and reducing labor requirements for enterprise landings in China.

Quality assurance

Nextlink Technology’s dedicated and high quality international grade connection services ensure the stability of data security and commercial operations.

Comprehensive consultations for planning and implementation

Our large team of platform certified architects are highly experienced in servicing both domestic and foreign customers with website issues and can offer comprehensive solutions that meet any requirements.

All day customer service support

Our 24-hour customer support and help desk tech support are capable of handling emergencies and immediately solving any website issues.

Strong partner network

Nextlink Technology’s many partners in China are capable of finding stable, secure, and effective technical services that meet the requirements of any industry.

Nextlink ICP備案/中國連線解決方案

Nextlink’s Connection Solution to China

Regardless of your existing ICP backup plan, Nextlink offers customized connection solutions.

Our services

  • DNS Management

  • Content Delivery Network

  • DDoS Protection

  • WAF Protection

  • Mainland China Routing


Our Partners

Nextlink partners with world-leading service providers to help our customers resolve all challenges and achieve seamless connection to China.