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With Nextlink’s assistance, we are able to migrate our platform to AWS seamlessly and effortlessly with confidence.

Nextlink not only provides suggestions for the AWS architecture, but also provides complete cloud security solutions, allowing us to focus on providing better and more comfortable services for multinational travelers

Yamato Hong Kong has migrated its IT infrastructure to cloud. For our next steps, we will work on the flexibility and transparency of our data. Now with everything on AWS, we are able to extend our services and applications onto the cloud and collect data.

Nextlink provided solutions and suggestions to optimize Aquatech’s environment based on AWS best practices to ensure it is secured, reliable, efficient, and running at an optimized cost.

The Cloud structures deployed by Nextlink have halved our monthly expenditure,When the number of members was twice as expected, we were relieved that the App and website could still stably and smoothly operate.

The structures optimized by Nextlink not only saved human resources but also markedly raised the website quality,The time spent on website deployment was strikingly shortened so new services could be launched a whole lot sooner.