09/07 2021

Nextlink Taiwan named 2021 Best Companies to Work for in Asia

Nextlink award 2021 HR Asia Awards

Nextlink Taiwan is recognized by HR Asia as one of the 2021 Best Companies to Work for in Asia. HR Asia Awards is organized by HR Asia, one of the most authoritative publications for senior HR professionals. This year, over 292 organizations in Taiwan joined the competition, and Nextlink was awarded one of the best employers to work for in Asia. 

Nextlink has achieved outstanding results in this award – being the top winner in three categories, which are company core values, employee awareness, and team collaboration. Our survey results also indicate that Nextlink is far ahead of our competitors, with a final score of 4.96 (5 being the highest) and outcompeting most companies. The survey result shows that Nextlink is recognized by NEXTLINKers as a transparent, open-minded, and collaborative workplace with clear goals.

“Integrity, transparency, and pursuit of meaningful engagement are what we value the most here at Nextlink. These core values are realized throughout the organization at all levels, we want everyone to have the same goals for the short, medium, and long terms, and let all NEXTLINKers know that each one of them is a driving force to achieve success.We want NEXLINKers to be more than just colleagues from work, but partners that can thrive together and engage meaningfully.” said Shasta Ho, CEO of Nextlink Technology. 

Employer growth is important at Nextlink and we strive to create a workplace for learning and inspiring. Nextlink offers different courses for NEXTLINKers to strengthen their skillset, and provide them opportunities to participate in global seminars and workshops. NEXTLINKers are also encouraged to take certifications to scale up their portfolio. 

Nextlink was founded in 2015 and is the first Premier Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Taiwan. Currently, Nextlink has branches in Hong Kong and mainland China, and strives to be a leading cloud solution provider that helps enterprises, as well as NEXTLINKers to embark on their journeys to digitalization.