09/02 2021

Tigera Calico – Kubernetes-native Networking & Security Solutions

Tigera Calico Solution

Tigera – Calico

Calico provides networking and security support for containers and VMs in a kubernetes cluster, to practice security control and ensure continuous compliance of enterprise. Using Calico can easily enhance your container and orchestration environment for the delivery of micro services and next-generation application development.

Features & Benefits

Many of our customers have a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy and have adopted Kubernetes because it is an abstraction that can run on any cloud infrastructure.Which cloud-native architecture presents new challenges, including containers are the most granular component, microservices are highly dynamic & ephemeral, perimeter based security is inadequate and distributed app, distributed HW, distributed OS. All the architecture may show invisible risk.

Cloud-native applications deployed in Kubernetes have ephemeral components with dynamic IPs that are distributed across multiple clusters, clouds, and hybrid environments. This makes it impossible to secure and troubleshoot these applications using traditional approaches.
Tigera Calico solve this by enabling DevOps teams to specify security and observability as code (SOaC).Following the principle that the same source code generates the same binary, a SOaC approach ensures that any Kubernetes component generated with the code has the exact same security and observability confirmation regardless of the deployment model, type of distribution, or container type.

Tigera Calico are Kubernetes-native and offer rich security and observability functionality by deeply integrating with Kubernetes’s core. Which provide this functionality in Kubernetes clusters by adding new custom APIs and controllers, as well as providing infrastructure plugins for the core components of networking, storage, and container runtime.Since Calico is Kubernetes-native, all of its security and observability features can be accessed via Kubernetes API server, making it possible to programmatically configure functionality.Being Kubernetes-native means that the same functionality will work across multiple clusters, distributions, and deployment models.

And because Calico can run on any cloud, and on any distro, it is the logical choice for cloud architects and platform teams who want a solution that will easily adapt as their requirements change over time. Many of Tigera’s customers also have a mix of Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes workloads and chose Calico because they needed a single solution that works across both of these environments.

Tigera Calico enable organizations of all sizes in various industries to secure, observe, and troubleshoot cloud-native applications in Kubernetes environments. The commercial products include Calico Enterprise, a self-managed security and observability platform, and Calico Cloud, a next-generation, Kubernetes-native cloud service that extends the declarative nature of Kubernetes. Calico specifies “security and observability as code,” which ensures consistent enforcement of security policies and compliance, and provides observability and troubleshooting across multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments.

What Calico provides:

Tigera Calico service

Tigera Calico supports multiple environments including multi-cloud, hybrid architecture and on-premises. Regardless of any Kubernetes resources, any workload can be supported to achieve centralized management and comprehensiveness. Tigera Calico is trusted by global companies and startups.

As the Partner of Tigera in Hongkong, Nextlink Technology provides professional technical solutions for Enterprise customers based on cloud-native architecture in planning application management and information security protection in Kubernetes environment with Tigera Calico.

It’s time to integrate high-level security protection and management tools for the new layout.

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