11/30 2022

2022 AWS re: Invent Highlights & Recap

The highly-anticipated AWS re: Invent took place early this month in Las Vegas. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky led a two-hour keynote presentation to share the latest innovations and cloud technologies, with a center of focus on data, security, computing efficiency, and cross-industry services. Here are the key takeaways from his speech: 

💡 What you need to know about 2022 AWS re:Invent:

1. Glean more insights from your data
2. Security is still the Job Zero at AWS
3. A great leap in computing efficiency – 5 new instances for Amazon EC2
4. Cross-industry Solutions

Glean more insights from your data

Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services, introduces data services 
at 2022 re: Invent

Amazon Aurora & Amazon Redshift

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), is an inevitable procedure when working with data. With an increasing volume of data, repetitive ETL procedures can consume excessive time and resources. This year, AWS announced the integration of Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift, which can save developers the hassles of conducting ETL workloads. Data from Amazon Aurora can also be synchronized on Amazon Redshift to enable data warehouse analytics. Amazon Redshift also supports Spark Framework, allowing developers to utilize Java, Python, or Scala to build ML and queries.  

Amazon Omics

Amazon Omics can help researchers and scientists to glean insights from genomics and biological data. It is compatible with Amazon healthlake and AWS Sagemaker. Combining all three gives users a one-stop solution for life science data analytics and visualization.

Amazon Datazone

Amazon Datazone enables users to classify, probe, and share data easily and fully utilize the database to dig for insights and make better decisions. Amazon Datazone also supports ML-based data classification and is compatible with other AWS data analytics instances. 

AWS OpenSearch -Fully Managed Services

At the beginning of his keynote presentation, Selipsky emphasized that the growing volume of data will be a new area of exploration for all businesses. Selipsky also announced that OpenSearch will be the last fully managed service among all data-related instances.

3 new features from Amazon Quicksight

In his keynote, Selipsky also brought up the new features of Amazon Quicksight, a BI tool from AWS. Users will find real-time reports, and the ML-based Q function helps business development by providing sales forecasts. Nevertheless, users can also find answers to open questions, empowering organizations to forecast product sales and growth more precisely.

Security is still the Job Zero at AWS

New Feature – AWS Security Lake

AWS Security Lake

AWS Security Lake, an OCSF, is the hub of all daily logs from different sources. Gathering data logs from AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, and even AWS security Partners such as Palo Alto and IBM, the AWS Security Lake enables seamless integration of all security data. The comprehensive scope of AWS Security lake allows users to utilize analytic tools such as AWS OpenSearch and Amazon Athena and understand the organization’s security posture.

AWS Clean Rooms

Amazon Clean Rooms is a convenient tool for collaboration between two organizations. Each party can ensure that only the right data is shared. In circumstances where two organizations are co-working on a marketing campaign, only marketing-related data is shared, while keeping customer personal information confidential.  

Amazon GuardDuty – Monitoring Threats in Containers

Detect potential cyber threats in EKS Container with Amazon GuardDuty.

Better computing performance – The five new instances for EC2

A great leap in computing performance – 5 new instances for Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 –  Better computing performance

Selipsky also introduced the five new instances for EC2 that can provide users with better computing performance. C7gn is powered by the 5th generation AWS Nitro and is ideal for accelerated computing. The next two instances, Trn1 and Inf2, are purpose-built for machine learning and deep learning inference. And Hpc7g instances, built on Graviton 3E and EFA, delivers optimized price performance computing workloads. Last but not least, the Hpc6id instances offer cost-effective price performance for memory-bound and data-intensive users for high-performance computing workloads.

Cross-industry Solutions and Applications 

New Feature – AWS SimSpace Weaver

AWS SimSpace Weaver

Running spatial simulation worlds can consume tremendous computing resources. AWS SimSpace Weaver can help users create simulation worlds on a large scale. It also seamlessly integrates with simulation engine services such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

AWS Supplychain

With the rising complexity of the global trade network, industries are facing challenges in supply chain management. AWS Supply Chain and its synchronization of SAP4/HANA, can optimize the supply chain management for organizations by recommending the best place for warehousing and optimizing the supply chain workflow. Significantly reduces production delays and saves costs for organizations. 

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect helps organizations establish a help center within minutes. This cloud-based customer support can save 80% of costs compared to conventional help centers. Three new features were announced on this year’s re:Invent, which are ML-driven customer support forecast, performance management, and customer support training guidelines.

New Feature – AWS Supply Chain

This year, Selipsky focused his keynote presentation on data analytics, data security, and new instances. He also illustrated the goal of reaching 100% renewable resources by 2025, and AWS will continue to deepen the relationship with industry-leading brands to build innovative cloud solutions while achieving sustainable development. The utilization of cloud technology has become the driving force for different industries. For all industries, knowing your data can be the key to reinforcing digital mastery and outcompeting others.