08/11 2023

Automate Cloud Security with AWS and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Event Agenda:

  • The importance of robust network security measures to safeguard your business from cyber-attacks.
  • How to leverage AWS Security and Network Firewall to protect your cloud infrastructure
  • Learn about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) – the game-changing approach to provision IT infrastructure, making them error-free and more streamlined, while ensuring consistency through structured coding with versioning
  • Learn about the basics of Cloud Formation
  • Watch a demo on how to use IaC to deploy network firewall with a centralized model.

Event Content:

In this rapidly evolving cloud computing era, businesses have witnessed a remarkable surge in infrastructure components, accompanied by an expanded attack surface. The stakes are higher than ever as cyber-attacks grow increasingly sophisticated, posing significant threats to your organisation’s well-being. But fear not, Nextlink is here to fortify your defences!

Event Information:

  • Date: 30 August 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 15:00-16:00
  • Format: Online


Vincent Kwok – Cloud Engineer
Chris Wong – Cloud Engineer

Target Audience:

CTO, CIO, IT Leaders, Cloud Architects, Security and Network Teams

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to cyber threats. Reserve your spot now and embrace the future of secure infrastructure management!