10/05 2023

Accelerating Data Engineering with AWS: Unleash Insights and Innovation

Event Agenda: Your AWS Data Engineering Journey

  • Building a Strong Foundation (Data Ingestion, Transformations & Visualization Tools)
  • Real-World Insights & Success Stories (How Organizations Achieved Remarkable Results with AWS Data Engineering)
  • Live Demo Session (Dive Deeper with Hands-On Demo & AWS Services in Action with Real-Life Scenarios

Join us for a webinar focused on AWS-powered data engineering. Explore how AWS can revolutionize your data pipelines, analytics, and data ingestion with Amazon AppFlow for SaaS apps.

Unlock Data Analytics and Insights

Join us to uncover the insights within your data. Learn how AWS simplifies data engineering, enabling efficient data pipelines and scalable analytics. Our experts will introduce services such as AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, and Amazon AppFlow in this webinar. Get ready to turbocharge your data journey!

Expert Guidance on AWS Data Engineering Tools

Become a pro with essential AWS data engineering tools in our transformative event. Explore the benefits of serverless ETL, automated data extraction and transformation, the power of interactive query services, and more. We’ll walk you through AWS Glue for building data pipelines with ease and Amazon AppFlow for seamless data ingestion. Elevate your skills and lead the way in data engineering.

Real-World Success Stories and Hands-On Demos

Get inspired by success stories and experience AWS in action through live demonstrations. Gain practical, actionable knowledge that will reshape your data strategies.

Who should attend?

Designed for CTOs, CIOs, IT Leaders, Data Architects, Data Engineers, Cloud Engineers, and anyone who is interested in how to unleash data insights.

Meet Our Expert Speakers

  • Fung Kong, Solutions Architect
  • Anson Chan, Cloud Engineer

Event Details

  • Date: 26 Oct 2023 (Thur)
  • Time: 3pm – 4pm
  • Location: online
  • Language: Cantonese

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