11/29 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023 – Highlights from the CEO Keynote

The highly anticipated 2023 cloud technology event, AWS re:Invent, features a week-long program filled with diverse agendas covering major technical topics for cloud professionals and partners to engage. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky took the stage to discuss how AWS collaborates with businesses to propel digital transformation. He emphasized various solutions in AI, machine learning, data processing, and infrastructure, unveiling numerous innovative approaches. Nextlink Cloud exclusively connected live to the AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas, ensuring real-time sharing of the wide array of cloud solutions unveiled at this year’s premier cloud technology event!

Revitalizing the Wave of Generative AI: AWS Announces Deep Collaboration with NVIDIA and Anthropic in Both Hardware and Software”

The topic of Generative AI continues to garner significant attention, and AWS’s 2023 re:Invent is poised to revitalize the wave of Generative AI. It announces an intensified collaboration with NVIDIA, a leading brand in artificial intelligence computing, and Anthropic, an AI system developer. Alongside this partnership, AWS is simultaneously rolling out various new Generative AI services of its own:

Deepened Collaboration: AWS & NVIDIA

The highlight of this session was the interaction between NVIDIA’s founder, Jen-Hsun Huang, and the CEO of AWS. In their intensified collaboration, the first stride involves the utilization of the NVIDIA H200 Grace Hopper superchip on AWS. This move enables businesses to make significant strides in training large language models (LLMs) and AI models. Another standout point is the imminent migration of NVIDIA’s AI supercomputing machine, DGX Cloud, to AWS. This showcases the resolute commitment of both parties in advancing AI hardware development.

AWS re:Invent 中與NVIDIA 創辦人對談
AWS CEO and Nvidia Founder Discuss Future Trends in Generative AI On Stage (Image/AWS)

New Collaboration: AWS & Anthropic

Beyond the hardware advancements in Generative AI with NVIDIA, AWS also partners with Anthropic. Anthropic will utilize AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips to construct, train, and deploy their future foundational models for content generation and summarization within Claude. The two partners will further collaborate on technical developments involving Trainium and Inferentia in the future.

New Hardware: AWS Trainium 2

To enhance the performance of generative AI workloads, AWS introduces the all-new AWS Trainium 2 (Trn2), a new instance enabling users to leverage tens of trillions of parameters to optimize training for Foundation Models (FMs). With over four times the performance of its predecessor, AWS Trn1, Trn2 also caters to supercomputing demands, offering over 6.5 trillion real-time inferences.

New Features: AWS BedRock’s Three Customization Capabilities and Agent Functionality

This year, AWS introduced the BedRock service for training large language models, aiming to significantly impact the development of generative AI. At this year’s AWS re:Invent, they unveiled three customized functionalities: Fine Tuning (text optimization), Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Knowledge Bases (enhancing data intelligence by autonomously seeking information), and Continued Pre-training for Amazon Titan Text Lite & Express (ongoing pre-training for refining language models).

Moreover, Amazon BedRock introduces the all-new Agent feature. By selecting the underlying model category, providing fundamental information, specifying Lambda functions, and choosing the corresponding data sources, users can establish an Agent. Streamlining the process, with just a few clicks, businesses can tailor generative AI applications for internal organizational use.”

New Feature: Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock

In an era emphasizing responsible AI, safeguarding enterprise privacy and enhancing cybersecurity becomes increasingly crucial. Amazon BedRock not only offers three new customizable capabilities and the Agent feature but also integrates the Guardrails service. Utilizing responsible policy settings, Guardrails protect generative AI applications, filter harmful content, and eliminate sensitive data, embodying the spirit of responsible AI. While providing convenient access to generative AI, AWS also offers corresponding cybersecurity services, highlighting the necessity for cybersecurity to keep pace with the advancements in generative AI development.

New Service: Amazon Q

Driven by generative AI, personal assistants assist businesses in deploying and setting up in the AWS environment, leveraging Amazon Q to access optimal solutions in the AWS cloud. For instance, businesses can inquire with Amazon Q on setting up a web application on AWS, and based on 17 years of cloud service experience, Amazon Q offers deployment suggestions tailored to the enterprise’s needs. Furthermore, Amazon Q integrates with 40 commonly used data sources like Zendesk, Google Drive, and Microsoft 365, providing business recommendations.

Additionally, AWS has introduced Amazon Q Code Transformation, enabling engineers to update 1000 Java applications within two days amid frequent updates in programming language versions. Moreover, Amazon Q seamlessly integrates with existing AWS services, such as pairing with business intelligence (BI) in the AWS visualized dashboard, Quicksight. It provides more insights in charts through natural language and offers real-time customer communication in Amazon Connect customer service, optimizing the customer experience.

AWS re:Invent 2023
The wave of generative AI has prompted AWS to unveil a plethora of new AI technologies at this year’s re:Invent (Image/AWS)

Data Processing Services Level Up! New Features and Solutions Enhance Data Analysis Efficiency

Data analysis is a challenge faced by modern enterprises when deploying data science-related solutions. Whether it’s data preprocessing or integration, these factors often contribute to data silos within organizations. Hence, at this year’s AWS re:Invent, two significant new data analysis solutions were introduced:

New Feature: Zero-ETL Integration with Three Database Services

Back in 2022, AWS re:Invent introduced the Zero-ETL integration between Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift. This year (2023), in the realm of data processing services, there have been updates with three database service supports enhancing the Zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift. These include Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS MySQL, and Amazon DynamoDB, thereby boosting the efficiency of early-stage data processing. Additionally, Amazon DynamoDB, a non-relational database, and Amazon OpenSearch Service now offer Zero-ETL integration.

New Feature: Amazon DataZone AI Recommendations

Amazon DataZone, a data management service, now comes with an enhanced feature of AI-powered recommendation generation. It automatically adds business context to data catalogs, generates detailed descriptions of data and its structures, and suggests analytical use cases. With just a click, it creates comprehensive business contexts, making it easier for enterprises to understand how to leverage data.

AWS re:Invent 2023
AWS CEO emphasizes leveraging three strategies to effectively unlock the value of data (Image/AWS)

Cutting-edge Infrastructure Unveiled! Enhancing Performance in Communication Between Computing and Services

New Feature: Amazon S3 Express One Zone

AWS CEO announces a revolutionary change in Amazon S3 object storage service with the introduction of ‘Express One Zone’ storage class. Compared to traditional Amazon S3 standard storage, it can save up to 50% in costs while offering performance 10 times higher than standard S3, reducing latency in communication between S3 and EC2.

New Hardware: AWS Graviton 4

In another infrastructure update, AWS unveils the fourth generation of Graviton processors, available for use in ‘R8g’ instances, delivering outstanding performance for memory-intensive workloads. Compared to the previous generation of Graviton processors, it offers a 30% increase in performance.

During this year’s AWS re:Invent, the majority of new services centered around generative AI. What other innovative developments in AWS cloud technology are on the horizon? Stay tuned to Nextlink for exclusive, firsthand updates from Vegas!