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"We have only one IT administrator when we would have required at least five with an on-premises infrastructure of a similar size. As a result, we’ve lowered IT administration costs by 80%.”

– Co-founder & Technical Director/ Neil Lee​

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Company Profile

Founded in 2008, friDay Video (Hiiir Inc.) has grown to become Taiwan’s leading digital media company providing digital marketing consulting services, application development, and e-commerce services. The business has developed several applications such as a cuisine and travel app with location-based service features—Alley App—and Timemart—a content curation app. In June 2013, friDay Video has attracted major investment from leading telecommunications company FarEasTone and developed an e-commerce service launched in 2014—friDay App assistant and friDay Shopping. Today, friDay Video has more than 300 employees working on its portfolio of services and is constantly expanding its business to meet the needs of its users.

The Challenge

The company used to purchase machines for different online campaigns, but it is not cost-effective to buy a large number of servers for short-term campaigns. Besides, it takes time to maintain them and has to replace them over time.

They also faced instability of DNS services, so they must deploy them in different data centers and even rent a physical machine on America, but the issue kept.

Moreover, with security consideration, they applied HTTPS on each browser. In traditional way, they should purchase SSL certification once a year with over thousands dollars, which can’t act in concert with friDay’s short-term online campaign. In addition, an unexpected domain might pop-up during the registration, which is time-consuming to apply. Finally, if there are MySQL loopholes to fix for system upgrade, it might take over a week to verify.

The Solution

Utilizing AWS services can not only be cost-effective on each online campaign, but also helps friDay Video to control the scale and the attendance efficiently. Applying Amazon Route 53 is able to solve the instability of the DNS server, and makes the server easier to manage and sync. Also, it’s unnecessary to worry about DNS unfindable. With AWS Certification Manager, we can save the cost of purchasing SSL certification. Besides,  using Amazon RDS for MySQL for system upgrade can finish the renewal of a patch in ten minutes with just one click.

The Benefits

  1. Based on online campaign to quickly scale instances up and down and provide back-up solution.

  2. Lower system upgrade management cost, and complete verifization with one click.

  3. Solve the problem of hidden cost.  e.g. maintenance of the data center and the compatibility test. Easily define cost attribution and use tag for pre-assessment.

  4. Added value including lower SSL purchase fee and reduced extra expenditure.

Product / Services

AWS Route 53, AWS Certificate Manager, Amazon RDS for MySQL

AWS Application Architecture


AWS Application Architecture AWS focus on customer obsession, and using AWS makes friDay Video's development team work without any worries.

  • Based on online campaign to quickly scale instances up and down and provide back-up facility.

  • Lower system upgrade management cost, and complete verifization with one click.

  • Use tag for pre-assessment and understand cost attribution

  • Apply AWS for multiple project authorities and Access Key management, and effectively track API accessed history

  • Utilize CloudFront Edge to accelerate website content loading and save at least 60% traffic charge in the meanwhile.

  • Combining expansibility and applicability of AWS allows the development team to respond to the market demand rapidly.