You would like to have a digital transformation for the company, but have no idea with it? Facing the market competition, but unable to increase the speed of application delivery? There’re hiding risks of human negligence in the company’s development and maintenance process?

Now, take a look at how Nextlink DevOps solution helps you solve the problems that have mentioned…

Nextlink helps you enhance development, deployment, and delivery speed with AWS DevOps services.

AWS offers numbers of related services that run DevOps help you securely store the source code and version control of your application, and automatically build, test, and deploy your application to an AWS or ground environment, including:

Source code management

  • AWS CodeCommit: Managed Security in the Cloud and highly scalable Git repositories

Infrastructure as Code

  • AWS CloudFormation: Templated Infrastructure
  • AWS OpsWorks: Chef Configuration Management


  • Amazon Elastic Container Service: Platform for producing Docker
  • AWS Lambda: Serverless Compute service

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous delivery (CD)

  • AWS CodePipeline: Software Release Workflow
  • AWS CodeBuild: Build and Test Code
  • AWS CodeDeploy: Deployment Automation
  • AWS CodeStar: Integrated CI/CD Project

Nextlink MSP Services Put Automated Environment Monitoring into Practice with DevOps

The core of DevOps’ implementation is the ability to reduce the development cycle and increase deployment frequency through automation and monitoring mechanisms, and to make every step of software construction more agile. It is a challenging one to make the DevOps toolset environment as an overall service delivery:

Tools at different stages of DevOps are developed using different programming languages and running environments (OS, databases, mediation software servers, etc.). Nextlink MSP team combines AWS DevOps services with a variety of relevant open-source tools to help customers establish automated monitoring and deployment processes that integrate tools into the DevOps process, enabling cooperates to quickly automate, deploy, complete software cycles, and receive user feedback.

Three recommended reasons choosing Nextlink to practice DevOps


The only reseller in Taiwan of GitHub

Nextlink provides integration of GitHub Enterprise into your cloud environment, enabling businesses to develop services in a secure and compliant manner

AWS Cloud Technology Integration

Nextlink has years of experience in AWS service building and we have a team of architects who can integrate the AWS environment and the services you’ve developed.

Cloud support in time

Enterprises using Nextlink MSP services can solve customer problems in time and accurately through inquiring with the work order system