Subscribe to Amazon Web Services as your robust guardian if your enterprise is sick of the many problems, such as inadequate IT computational capacity, and rising capital expenditure. Nextlink would swiftly and effectively demonstrate to you the most valuable characteristics of AWS, including flexible billing, high expandability, high availability, and quick deployment. We are committed to satisfying the requirements for all sorts of IT scenarios and infrastructure in the context of modern enterprises.

The renowned AWS Cloud services for the IT industry

AWS is the most comprehensive and widely used Cloud platform around the globe with millions of active business clients. It has been judged by Gartner Research to be the leading brand of public Cloud services consecutively for years. Since the launch of Cloud services in 2006, as a result of relentless internal innovations and experiments, it has kept providing clients with the most up-to-date services, technologies, and a wide variety of solutions, from fundamental computations, storage, and databases, to more advanced services, for instance, DevOps, blockchains, machine learning, and IoT. It has helped enterprises build applications on the AWS platform more quickly and easily to maximize the service efficiency.

Why have millions of users chosen AWS?


High stability and expandability

The highly stable and user-friendly interface, multifaceted services, mature technical support and security profile has accounted for the fact that AWS has maintained the largest global market share.


The most complete system of partnerships

AWS possesses the largest and most dynamic Partner Network in the world. APN comprises thousands of consulting partners and tens of thousands of independent software vendors (ISVs), which have applied its technologies to operate on the AWS platform. It has increased the breadth and depth of AWS services.


Over 170 types of innovative services dedicated to clients

AWS provides more than 170 types of services, for example, compute, storage, databases, and analysis. Its facilities are the most widely and deeply distributed throughout the world so it has naturally become the majority of users’ first choice.

The common application services of AWS


Big Data

A new mindset for making decisions and extracting messages from data
AWS provides services related to Big Data, such as data collection, data lakes, data warehouses, data enquiries, and visualized analysis at the back end. Enterprises can gain a deeper insight into businesses through the analytical results, thereby making forecasts.



DevOps is a methodology combining culture, practices, and tools. It can raise an organization’s delivery rate of applications and services. By the methods of continuous integration and ceaseless delivery, it promotes and improves the collaboration between the teams of development and maintenance in order to prevent problems before they happen.


Video streaming

AWS provides thorough and comprehensive media services to help enterprises enter the world of media. It allows customers to rapidly send, prepare, process, and broadcast Over-the-Top (OTT) videos. It effortlessly spreads media around the world, further improves the audience experience, and adds value to media services.


Internet of things (IoT)

Various APIs are integrated on the basis of AWS so that software and hardware solutions can be offered to allow swift access to the market. As a building tool of Edge in terms of data storage and databases, IoT is compatible with SQL, Mongo DB, and the even more popular Edge computing system.



Plenty of enterprises have already made use of blockchains, which are characteristically unchangeable, decentralized, and highly usable, to provide applications related to distributed ledgers. They can design and establish designated AWS blockchain services by deploying the blockchains on AWS so as to launch decentralized network services.


Container & serverless

AWS provides infrastructural resources with the best container, and fully managed services completely dedicated to building and running serverless applications. It lets you focus on creating new products and hasten product launches.


Website and content delivery

Through the managed services for websites moved to AWS, enterprises can easily execute, manage, update and operate content delivery. AWS is compatible with a wide range of software and services. One can choose the most suitable content management system, such as WordPress and Magento, for a website. The enterprises that are connected to CDN can swiftly deliver their contents to users all over the world and raise business competitiveness.


Backups and disaster recovery

Backups and disaster recovery is the cornerstone of business expansion. AWS provides diverse storage services, data transfer formats, and network options, including backups and recovery, data access, and disaster recovery. The multifaceted and stable products and services can give clients comprehensive deployment plans.

Nextlink – the most credible partner for a subscription to AWS


AWS Premier Consulting Partner

Nextlink is the AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner in Greater China Region. Gartner has recognized us as one of the providers of managed services for global public Cloud infrastructure. CIO, an American magazine, has also acknowledged us as the AWS agency with the greatest potential in Asia Pacific. We are the first Premier Partner who was certified as a Managed Service Provider in Taiwan so we are capable of providing you with the most professional AWS consultation services.


Over 1000 local and overseas clients

Nextlink has served more than 1000 listed enterprises, such as those in technological, gaming, media, and manufacturing fields, in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Europe, America, etc. Our professional team would provide you with comprehensive solutions and Cloud consultation services.


Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud solutions

Our strategists are certified on multiple platforms. With the provision of privately-owned Cloud units, we can customize Hybrid or Multicloud structures to the needs of enterprises. We provide the enterprises with the most comprehensive and multifaceted global Cloud solutions as well as managed services for applications.