03/01 2024

Amazon RDS for MySQL 5.7 Reaching End of Standard Support – Impacts and How to Upgrade?

AWS recently announced that starting from February 29, 2024, Amazon RDS Relational Databases will cease Standard Support for MySQL 5.7. Database Instances running on this version will automatically transition to Extended Support. This new measure aims to ensure that applications running within databases continue unaffected. Faced with the impending charges for Extended Support and enterprise concerns about potential operational disruptions due to version update failures, the Nextlink Architect Column provides you with tips on upgrading RDS versions!

What is Amazon RDS Extended Support?

As early as October 2023, the MySQL Community ceased the lifecycle of version 5.7, discontinuing further releases, error fixes, and security patches. This could potentially expose data vulnerabilities in databases, leading to damage. However, considering that many customers still rely on the older version of MySQL in large-scale production environments, Amazon previously introduced the Amazon RDS Extended Support service. This service allows customers to continue benefiting from crucial issue resolution services even when unable to update the RDS MySQL database version.

Starting from March 1, 2024, AWS will begin charging for Extended Support for older RDS versions. For users, this translates to an additional expense.

AWS officially announced on their blog that the Amazon RDS MySQL 5.7 version will enter Extended Support, accompanied by the initiation of charges. (Image/AWS Official Blog)

Amazon RDS Extended Support Pricing

Regarding the billing method for the Amazon RDS Extended Support plan, it is calculated based on the usage of each vCPU per hour. As an example, we have compiled additional cost details for the Asia-Pacific region for your reference:

RegionAdditional charges apply for the first and second years
(Per vCPU-hour)
Additional charges in the 3rd year
(per vCPU-hour)
APAC (Singapore)USD 0.12USD 0.24
APAC (Tokyo)USD 0.12USD 0.24
APAC (Hong Kong)USD 0.132USD 0.264

From the table above, it can be understood that starting from March 1, 2024, charges will be applied to the Extended Support plan. By March 1, 2026, which is three years later, the cost of the Extended Support plan will double, reaching a standard charge of $0.24 per vCPU per hour. In the Hong Kong region, the cost may even be USD 0.264 per hour.

For the RDS instance type calculation (db.m5.xlarge-4vCPU) in the Tokyo region, the original usage fee was 0.94 USD per hour. When the Extended Support program starts charging fees, during the first and second years, users will need to pay 1.5 times the original fee. In the third year, the payment required will be double the original fee. If businesses wish to avoid paying additional fees for Extended Support, what can they do?

What is the strategy for upgrading Amazon RDS MySQL?

Amazon RDS MySQL has now released version 8.0, upgrading to which will exempt you from Extended Support charges. However, how can you upgrade to the latest version without disrupting the operation of existing applications? The most common method is Major Version Upgrades.

Major Version Upgrades

In this application scenario, upgrading from version 5.7 to 8.0 can be accomplished through Major Version Upgrades. Initially, the available operating system (OS) within the database needs to be updated. Once completed, the upgrade can proceed incrementally through version intervals. However, the upgrading process involves intricate pre-requisites, such as various checks on data tables, highlighting the complexity of the upgrade. Additionally, due to the size or instances of MySQL Major Version databases not adhering to certain operational guidelines in Amazon RDS best practices, upgrades in specific scenarios may require a longer duration.

Nextlink Solutions Architect recommends testing before enabling automatic updates to avoid any issues with applications after version updates. During the update service, there will be downtime, so it is advised to perform the update during the announced maintenance window to minimize the impact on the production environment.

RDS upgrade
In the Amazon RDS environment, it is evident that the solution requiring high-priority attention is the RDS Extended Support.

As the old version of Amazon RDS MySQL enters Extended Support and begins incurring charges, coupled with the challenge of not knowing where to start when upgrading Amazon RDS databases, the professional team at Nextlink Technology is here to help. We assist businesses in optimizing database updates and deployments, offering customized solutions tailored to specific enterprise needs. We have successfully addressed issues, such as a client experiencing automatic database restoration problems within the AWS environment over an extended period. For any Amazon RDS upgrade or cloud database deployment needs, contact Nextlink Technology immediately!