03/07 2024

What is ERP? How can it be integrated with AWS ?

As the pace of digital transformation continues to accelerate, enterprises need to become more intelligent in their resource integration planning. Faced with the birth of various innovative technologies, such as the applications of various types of generative AI, how can enterprises achieve intelligent resource integration through AWS cloud tools to maximize cost efficiency and advance towards sustainable business development goals?

What is ERP?

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)is a software system that integrates and manages business processes, primarily aimed at coordinating processes across different departments within an enterprise and providing a comprehensive view. ERP systems typically cover financial, human resources, supply chain management, production, and other key business areas to ensure effective operations and informed business decision-making.

After integrating information from all aspects of enterprise resource planning, collaboration across departments allows for shared data, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. Consequently, the various functions provided by ERP systems, such as resource planning reports and analysis, further strengthen the capabilities of enterprise management.

ERP 是什麼 博弘雲端帶您解析!
Choosing the right ERP solution is key for optimizing business operations!

What are the applications of ERP?

For example, a manufacturing company needs to manage its end-to-end production plan. From raw material procurement, production processes, inventory management, financial transactions, to customer after-sales service, ERP systems use a modular approach to support business processes. In this scenario, modules such as manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, finance, and sales are utilized based on the company’s specified processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

SAP, as the world’s largest ERP management system, serves as an example by providing various modules for enterprises to manage internal finances, raw materials, and production systems.

In the past, most companies chose to deploy ERP in on-premises private environments. However, with the gradual prevalence of public clouds, according to a report by Panorama Research on ERP, over 60% of companies in the future will choose to migrate their ERP systems to the cloud. However, the question remains: how to integrate ERP systems into the public cloud?

ERP 與供應鏈
Companies increasingly use public clouds. How to boost management flexibility by integrating ERP with AWS?

How to integrate ERP with AWS cloud?

TshBiopharm is a leading biotech firm in Taiwan that began planning the migration of its internal management system to the cloud two years ago. Through a hybrid deployment and network security settings, TshBiopharm has successfully run its internal systems on the AWS cloud. There are further plans to integrate data solutions into the ERP system, allowing core systems such as sales, warehouse management, and finance to benefit from the convenience of the AWS cloud.

Medical equipment manufacturer CSD, leveraging the integration of SAP S/4 HANA with AWS cloud, effectively managed the sales of medical products during the pandemic. They also interconnected with the CRM system Salesforce, enhancing the information flow for personnel handovers and internal workflow processes. Through the integration of various software, they significantly improved the operational efficiency of the healthcare center.

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