11/08 2019

Nextlink Invited to Join Techbang’s “Cloud-Ops” Summit


Whether it is IT operation or application development, cloud platform to enterprises or developers has become more and more important. In order to make enterprise processes more efficient, Techbang specially held this lecture, inviting Nextlink, Zyxel Technology and Chief Telecom to provide professional cloud-related solutions on site.

“Cloud applications are a trend, and companies are able to leverage their high availability and scalability to deploy services to the cloud platform, enabling businesses to focus more on the management of their core business rather than infrastructure” said by Nextlink AWS sales director.

This event is very meaningful, cloud applications are already a trend, enterprises can use its high availability and high scalability advantages, deployed services in the cloud platform, so that enterprises can focus more on the core business rather than the management of infrastructure, accelerate the pace of digital transformation.