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GitHub Enterprise Solutions

Comprehensive development tools that you are most familiar with and meet the needs of corporate security and compliance. Contact Us

Are you concerned about in-enterprise program development leakage? Or there’s no management method for development compliance?

GitHub Enterprise is the development tools that you are familiar with but more powerful. It meets your organization’s security and compliance management needs.

Top 5 advantages provided by GitHub Enterprise


Simplify the development process

Build up branch versions, Pull Requests and Commits to achieve an efficient and agile development process.

Code discovery and reuse

With GitHub Enterprise, you can take advantage of open source or built technologies to save time and reduce duplication of work.

Rich partner ecosystem

GitHub Enterprise works with hundreds of third-party apps. It greatly benefits from the resources you put in without compromising security.


Visualize dashboard

Access the Engineering repository or activity dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of the working status of each project.


Security and compliance

Record code writing and submit projects, automatically run compliance workflows, and protect relevant content from unexpected changes. It provides necessary security monitoring for employees and contractors, supporting two-factor authentication and SAML single sign-on for authentication. It also regularly detect security vulnerabilities, scan credentials, and fix problems before they occur.

3 benefits of GItHub Enterprise

Speed up service delivery

Automate every step of the development process, including GitHub’s native flexible CI/CD functions.

Develop under the principles of best practices

Use the workflow sets built by industry leaders and open source communities for the use in your business.

Scale security automation

Consistently applies and scales policies across the organization, with traceability from source to deployment.

Why Nextlink & GitHub Enterprise?


The only reseller of GitHub in Taiwan

Nextlink provides you with a 45-day free trial of GitHub Enterprise, which is available on your server and AWS. With elastic, secure, compliant GitHub, you and your team are no longer affected by time and space, and you can achieve your goals easily and simply.


Speed up the service on-line process

Through the cloud, you don’t have to predict capacity and demand, and you’re able to test systems on a large scale to make development easier by DevOps automation deploy.

Reduce risk and make the right decisions

Nextlink understands the risks that exist in the architecture and we‘re here to find solutions for you. We help you understand how the setup of the architecture will affect the performance, availability, and execution results of your application.