cloud Nextlink Technology Co., Ltd.

Accompanying you to promote to
the "Premier Partner" of the cloud enterprise

Accompanying you to promote to the "Premier Partner" of the cloud enterprise

Nextlink Technology aims to become the largest multinational cloud service in the Asia-Pacific region. It has established strongholds in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Southeast Asia. It has multi-platform certified architects and experienced teams at home and abroad. Enterprises provide professional, diverse and global cloud solutions and hosting services.

 We are committed to improving the efficiency of business operations, and provide customers with value-added applications with deep technology, and give customers a full range of support services to help you quickly promote your cloud enterprise!

 At the end of 2018, Nextlink officially joined FET as its subsidiary. With the help of FET, Nextlink further strengthened the service content and quality and will continue to serve as the company’s “best consultant” and “partner” !

On the way to the cloud, we can provide you...

The most diverse cloud application solutions

Nextlink is the first managed service partner in the AWS Asia Pacific region. It has also been selected as the global public cloud infrastructure escrow service provider by Gartner Magic Quadrant, and the most promising AWS agent in Asia Pacific by CIO Magazine of the United States. We provide a full range of application solutions including CDN, audio and video streaming, and big data operations.

Value-added services to efficiently solve industrial pain points

Nextlink has server managed experience, serving more than 1,000 corporate customers, the industry spans games, media, e-commerce and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. Facing the problems of cloud applications in various industries, we all have practical experience. Just hand it to Nextlink to help you solve the pain of the cloud at one time. There is also a 7×24 maintenance team to provide professional services around the clock!


Security & monitoring service

Nextlink obtained the ISO 9001 international quality management system qualification and ISO 27001 information security management system certification, and also cooperates with the international security giant Checkpoint as a long-term partner to help strengthen corporate information security and let you be promoted to a cloud enterprise with peace of mind!

Solid technical team to help your IT environment in place

Nextlink is one of the few service providers in Taiwan that has a cloud architect and managed service team. It can provide a full range of technical support and managed services for your cloud applications, regardless of your Whether the enterprise has cloud technicians, all can obtain the latest and fastest service resources through Nextlink, so that IT infrastructure and cloud-related applications no longer limit your core services.


Encouragement from the AWS and customers

As the first AWS MSP service partner in Taiwan, Nextlink won the global perfect award in the highest-level partner audit, and obtained multiple original factory certifications, showing Nextlink ‘s profound technical strength!

In addition to the original professional certification, let us listen to what customers say…


” Nextlink ‘s planned cloud architecture helps reduce our monthly expenses by 50%, and when the number of members exceeds expectations by two times, both the App and the website can still operate smoothly, allowing people to operate with confidence and stability.” — Zhuang Guangping, Manager of information Management department


“One-stop shop and total solution One-stop comprehensive solution” — Ye Junhong, Manager of Creative Planning Department


“Cooperate with Nextlink, an architect can provide relevant architecture consultation and advice on architecture planning; regularly provide inspection and suggestion solutions on cost planning; when the system encounters an emergency, it can help IGS in the first time. Troubleshoot; and provide multiple assistance and suggestions from the customer’s perspective to provide the most effective help.” — Arcade Game Division Assistant Manager Paddy Yang


“Through AWS API Gateway or ECS can connect other restaurants and banking platforms, strengthen cross-platform integration and make the overall reservation process smoother,” EZTABLE also uses AWS Serverless computing service Lambda to greatly update restaurant information. Upgrade, saving a total of 96% of the entire restaurant update time.” —CTO Johnson Wang

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