Work Smart, Stay In

精明工作, 留在室內

Enjoy Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon Chime for free at iclub Hotels

To better support remote offices, we collaborate with iclub Hotels in Hong Kong to offer a one-month free trial of the following services for guests under the program of ‘Work Smart, Stay in’.

1.Amazon WorkSpaces – a virtual desktop service where guests can access the desktop from any device at any time.

2.Amazon Chime – a communication service with audio calls, video calls and screen sharing functions to hold meetings and make business calls.

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在 iclub 酒店免費享用 Amazon WorkSpaces 和 Amazon Chime

為遠程辦公室提供更好的支持,我們與香港 iclub 酒店合作,通過 “精明工作,留在室內” 計劃為客人提供以下服務的為期一個月的免費試用。

1.Amazon WorkSpaces – 完整的雲端虛擬桌面服務,客人可隨時從任何裝置存取桌面。

2.Amazon Chime – 商務通訊服務,直接在應用程式中新增音訊通話、視訊通話和螢幕畫面分享功能,隨時召開會議及撥打商務電話。


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