The Bliss and Wisdom Buddhism Foundation

The Bliss and Wisdom Buddhism Foundation

‘The structures optimized by Nextlink not only saved human resources but also markedly raised the website quality,’

‘The time spent on website deployment was strikingly shortened so new services could be launched a whole lot sooner.’

– Yi-Long Jiang, the section head.

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30% of human resources were saved.
$4,000 USD was saved over the year.

Introduction of the company

The Bliss and Wisdom Buddhism Foundation was established in 1994. It upholds the Buddhist principles of compassion and benevolence, promotes Buddhism, purifies souls, and fosters the common good. By developing various businesses in accordance with the Buddhist doctrine, such as spiritual enhancement, education, and charities, altruism is practised and lives are lived to the fullest.

The challenges facing the enterprise

In order to promote its founding principles, to share resources and to reach more people, Bliss and Wisdom possessed a wide variety of websites, including the official website, those for believers, and those for audiovisual members. There were numerous users on an average day but huge differences in the usage of host resources existed between peak and usual hours amid a relative lack of staff for system management. Moreover, Bliss and Wisdom’s systems were mainly developed by volunteer developers from various places and outsourced developers, hence the frequent updates and changes. Bliss and Wisdom was concerned about how to achieve automatic deployment, sustained integration and delivery as well as stability and security during updates of websites.

The solutions

Bliss and Wisdom collaborated with Nextlink and made use of AWS, a stable platform, to solve the problems, for instance, automatic deployment, sustained integration and delivery.

  1. The updated versions were sent to CodePipeline for deployment.
  2. CodePipeline triggered CodeCommit to produce the updated versions. Through AWS Elastic Beanstalk and CodeDeploy, Bliss and Wisdom could update one server at a time. All the servers were updated in a stepwise fashion while stability of the front-end website was maintained. CodeCommit could also keep a record of all amendments.
  3. When the updates were complete, notifications would be sent via SES.

The benefits

1.The websites could be quickly deployed.

2.Nextlink made professional recommendations. The optimized structures enhanced the client’s mastery.

3.30% of human resources and $4,000 USD was saved over the year.

In the past, the volunteers’ assistance could not achieve quick website deployment. With Nextlink’s technical support and optimized structures, Bliss and Wisdom has had a better control over the website with remarkable reductions in human and building costs.

The application products and services

Amazon CloudFront, Amazon CloudFormation, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Simple Email Service