"Nextlink made the most suitable AWS architecture for us to expand our new market."

- Director of IoT Technology Development

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Company Profile

Nuvoton Technology was founded to bring customers new solutions inspired by innovation. It was established in 2008, listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2010.
Nuvoton is a leading company in computer market, which focuses on the development of analog & mixed signal, microcontrollers, computer applications, IC products, industrial electronics, consumer electronics; Nuvoton also has a customizable analog ability, power management and microcontrollers of the wafer fabrication, in addition to its own IC products, the other part of capacity is as a wafer foundry services.

The Challenge

In the past, the main product lines of Nuvoton were Microcontroller Application IC, Audio IC, Cloud & Computing IC, Foundry Service. Now, it is constantly trying to innovate products, process, services, and customer service.
To follow the company’s development plan, Nuvoton create a new business model of manufacturing. Through cross-border e-commerce service platform, it expands their end-to-end service customer. To meet this demand, they want to enhance the services of global regions in United States, China, Israel, India etc. However, in the past, Nuvoton focused only on the development and expansion of its own industry , they lack of the cloud services knowledge.

The Solution

  • Through Nextlink’s professional hosting services, Nuvoton was offered the newest IT planning and solutions, helping them to deploy AWS services for global services.

  • Nuvoton utilized AWS EC2, Amazon RDS in AWS Oregon and installed Prestashop to set up related services (ssh, vsftp, apache2, php, smtp); it used Amazon CloudFront to speed up content delivery.

  • Nextlink helped to rewrite the program and split the picture to different folders, spin off non-Web services to other hosts, use AWS EC2 as Stateless server, and leverage ELB to adjust the flow elasticity.

  • They also store daily compressed code and Amazon CloudFront log in Amazon S3; build VPN to provide in-house connection in Prestashop, which can be managed and connected only by the internal use.

  • They can check the current deployment environment with AWS Trusted Advisor, the whole parts are divided into cost, performance, security, fault tolerance, cost optimization evaluation, improveing system performance, and helping block security vulnerabilities;

  • They use Amazon CloudWatch to collect, track, monitor and set up AWS resources to monitor and understand AWS EC2’s usage and status. By analysis, it can respond immediately and keep the system running smoothly.

The Benefits

  1. Reduce the cost more than 50% in operating, hardware, and backup.

  2. Save global deployment time, improve service of SLA, reduce operational risk.

  3. Manage global business effectively, control the operation and expand the situation instantly.

AWS Services

AWS EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch、Amazon CloudFront, Amazon VPC ,Amazon EBS, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS IAM

AWS Application Architecture


AWS continues to introduce new services and plenty products to help Nuvoton innovate, develop, and operate global businesses.


  • No pre-cost, rapidly deploy global services, and open operations center.

  • Use AWS IAM for web and system developer console rights management.

  • Increased data processing workload with Amazon RDS high availability and high reliability.

  • Through the Amazon S3 scalability in response to a large number of pictures and data needs.

  • Use AWS to achieve the same type, popular merchandise recommended function.

  • Quickly transfer content with Amazon CloudFront to save maintenance costs.

  • Use Amazon CloudWatch to track and monitor service usage and operations.

  • Keep track of unusual changes through the AWS CloudTrail Log API.