NewsLeopard Inc.

Nextlink is the business partner in our minds. Because we complement each other by sharing marketing resource, technical knowledge, and business know-how…etc, and Nextlink help us accelerate the communication of time with AWS.

– Corporate Founder, Louis Chang

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Company Profile

Newsleopard hopes to solve the operation problems through good solutions. General business problems usually have many solutions in other countries, but Taiwan companies do not know them. However, even they have these information, companies may not have engineer to understand the technical details. In addition, in the small or medium enterprises, the biggest problem is inter departmental communication make work complicated. Now, Newsleopard integrated the world advanced technology to eliminate the problems of information, technologies and language in inter departmental communication, and they also help enterprises enhance their competitiveness.

Newsleopard’s newsletter service solve the business problem of message transmission. Like e-commerce businesses have too many members to send e-mail, so their task is passing message in right time and right people. In this circumstance, Newsleopard solved this problem by providing good solution which include, enhancing revenue and customer repurchase rate, operating and completing the work quickly and easily, and solving the problem automatically.

The Challenge

To serve enterprise customers, Newsleopard chose AWS cloud services in the beginning, because it has more reliability and security which traditional data centers are not have.

To build a reliable traditional data centers you must set several systems, such as backup, remote backup, security, and they are cost a lot. Then, when more than 10,000 customers come in the same time, traditional data centers will cause computing problems, so they need to buy machine to expand. However, buying machine cost a lot, especially to the start-up. In conclusion, cloud services became Newsleopard ‘s only choice.

The Solution

AWS offers a lot of resources for startups, and some of them are free. Although free resources are available in all cloud services, AWS offers the widest range of them. Newsleopard can fully use them, and also has comprehensive infrastructure help.

AWS architects help Newsleopard conduct system every six months, providing structural adjustment proposals. And AWS holds many seminars and gatherings in Taiwan. In these events, enterprises can solve their problems, and also learn how to optimize their structure.

Newsleopard uses more than fifteen AWS services, it can said they are made by AWS.

  • AWS Lambda: Process simple, fast stream systems work.

  • Amazon Aurora: Handle lists and blacklists, improve performance, and do read-write splitting.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Collect data and behavior patterns.

  • Amazon EC2: Schedule work and plan.

  • Amazon SQS, AWS SNS: Handle bounce.

  • Amazon CloudFront: Handle web page to accelerate web performance.

  • Amazon S3: Process pictures.

The Benefits

  • ​The worker’s manpower is five times more than competitors. And their ten people team’s ability can compare to fifty to sixty employee companies.

  • The architect provides optimization recommendations to solve problems.

  • Time costs are reduced by 50%. In the case of ten thousand letters, it takes ten minutes in the past, and now only takes five minutes.

  • Provide a comprehensive infrastructure, so that they can more focused on customer needs.

  • Enhance the customer value and support business model.

AWS Services

Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3

AWS Application Architecture