Aquatech (HK) Limited Company Profile Aquatech (HK) Limited, was founded in 1998, and has many years of experience in promoting and marketing swimwear and swim equipment. Aquatech is a distributor for many international swimwear brands and specializes in providing world-class products to swimmers. Aquatech offers both recreational and competition swim apparels, as well as professional […]

Yamato Logistics

Yamato Logistics Hong Kong ‘‘Yamato Hong Kong has migrated its IT infrastructure to cloud. For our next steps, we will work on the flexibility and transparency of our data. Now with everything on AWS, we are able to extend our services and applications onto the cloud and collect data.’’ Samson Yu Yamato Logistics The Path […]

Plaza Premium

Plaza Premium

Nextlink not only provides suggestions for the AWS architecture, but also provides complete cloud security solutions, allowing us to focus on providing better and more comfortable services for multinational travelers

BWFoCE Organization


The structures optimized by Nextlink not only saved human resources but also markedly raised the website quality

Leezen Co., Ltd.

The Cloud structures deployed by Nextlink have halved our monthly expenditure


Nextlink made the most suitable AWS architecture for us to expand our new market.

NewsLeopard Inc.

Nextlink provides ample marketing resources, technical team and business team resources to accelerate the time and speed of communication with AWS.

friDay Video

“We have only one IT administrator when we would have required at least five with an on-premises infrastructure of a similar size. As a result, we’ve lowered IT administration costs by 80%.”