Towards Industry 4.0 by Using Eight Aspects of The Cloud

Manufacturing is also undergoing digital transformation, and the cloud plays an important role The technological progress of the manufacturing industry usually faces operational challenges. They face the problems of information collection, high operating costs, weak integration of operating technology (OT) / information technology (IT), high-speed computing requirements, and machine downtime. However, most traditional infrastructures are […]

Is your corporate capital expenditure rising? Let the cloud help you reduce IT costs

Blog_Is your corporate capital expenditure rising

IT Costs Shifts from Fixed to Variable In past corporate scenario, hardware capital expenditure costs were huge upfront costs for the company, and they make purchasing and cost models predictable. However, this usually results in a waste of IT resources because the company must purchase enough servers to support their busiest hours, and unfortunately, these […]

Fast, safe, and great experience – CDN for businesses


A Service that allows you to quickly extend and deliver company services and content to the world The full name of CDN is Content Delivery Network. It is a content caching technique that is transmitted on the Internet. Through the deployment of CDN services at different edge locations around the world, it can effectively reduce […]