Website & Content Delivery

Are you afraid uncertain website traffic, and do not know how much compute capacity to buy? Want to expand business opportunities to the world do not know how to do? No website maintenance personnel in-house? Nextlink website and content delivery services so you don’t have to worry about these issues, let your site get the […]

Audiovisual streaming

Have you ever stuck by unable to handle the auto traffic server, resulting in cost expenditure rising while building your own live broadcast or video platform? Now, let Nextlink, the cloud expert, solve the problems for you! High- expansion, low-cost AWS services for a wide range of video platforms To improve the quality of media […]

DevOps on AWS

You would like to have a digital transformation for the company, but have no idea with it? Facing the market competition, but unable to increase the speed of application delivery? There’re hiding risks of human negligence in the company’s development and maintenance process? Now, take a look at how Nextlink DevOps solution helps you solve […]


Have you ever been in a situation where various systems could not synchronously update transaction data as clients repetitively placed orders? Have you found the messages in blockchains not transparent enough? Have you not been able to trace the sources of components and raw materials? Has identity verification been too strict for accessing confidential data […]

Container and serverless services

Have you ever been in the following situations while developing applications? Have the applications been reconfigured for migration to other platforms? Has the server warranted extra efforts for management? Let’s get to know more about how Nextlink’s container and serverless solutions can solve such problems! What is a container and what does it contain? A […]

Internet of Things (IoT)

Enterprises would often like to undergo transformation by applying IoT. Is your transformation dragging on as a result of incomplete infrastructure, insufficient technologies, or unsatisfactory financial performance? Sit back, relax, and let Nextlink solve the problems for you with IoT Cloud applications. IoT Cloud applications simplify business transformations. Nextlink collaborates with the latest AWS IoT […]

Big Data

Does your company own a vast amount of data but find it hard to analyze consumers’ characteristics as they behave so differently? Are you unable to apply a suitable risk assessment tool to the tens of thousands of financial and transaction datasets? Are you in lack of a great tool for intelligent analysis that can […]

AWS Service

Subscribe to Amazon Web Services as your robust guardian if your enterprise is sick of the many problems, such as inadequate IT computational capacity, and rising capital expenditure. Nextlink would swiftly and effectively demonstrate to you the most valuable characteristics of AWS, including flexible billing, high expandability, high availability, and quick deployment. We are committed […]

AWS Migration Services

Do you have no solution, plan or manpower to go on Cloud? Nextlink, an AWS specialist, can escort you along the way. Nextlink understands your problems of rising costs and idle equipment as a result of hardware purchases. Sluggish international deployment would also cause business opportunities being missed. At this very moment, you can accept […]

Nextlink Cloud Managed Service

What are next-generation Managed Services by Nextlink? Plenty of enterprises aspire to move their application services to Cloud as the first step to digital transformation. However, those who are unfamiliar with Cloud often face significant technical difficulties due to remarkable differences between Cloud environments and internal deployment. It is also hard to pinpoint Cloud professionals […]

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Are you fed up with slow website loading and interrupted video playing? Does your company make use of AWS infrastructure but fail to achieve the best performance as a result of connections with CDN of other brands? Nextlink can solve the aforementioned problems right away! To effortlessly solve problems of various businesses with negligible delays […]

AWS Well-Architected

Can your structures meet the practical needs of gradually expanding enterprises? AWS services advance with time. How can you tell whether the new services are applicable to your own AWS Cloud structures and are able to change the overall environment for the better? Let Nextlink assists to solve all these problems! The 5 main principles […]