An AWS MSP partner helps you solve any issue while adopting the cloud

More and more enterprises are developing more business possibilities by migrating services to AWS. With this trend of the need for faster and more flexible project development of enterprises, cloud solutions provided by AWS and APN partners have also grown. But where do companies start to move to the cloud? How to stay competitive? How to strike a balance between rapid development and basic equipment management?

To solve the problems above, enterprises should go to professional partners in the process of going to the cloud. As an AWS MSP partner, Nextlink Technology provides professional techniques, guidance, and services to help you easily migrate to AWS and adopt cloud services for different stages. Optimize your workload in stages and achieve key results in the cloud.

Seven advantages of choosing Nextlink Technology as your cloud managed service provider

This newsletter will take you through the seven advantages of choosing Nextlink Technology as an AWS MSP partner when moving to the cloud:

1. Digital Transforming for Enterprise

To move to the cloud, in addition to changes in the infrastructure level, internal training is also very important. AWS MSP partners know that success starts with people, from management to executives. Your employees must understand the overall vision and put it into practice. In addition to providing general consulting on the total cost (TCO) of AWS and analyzing the preparation of application portfolio and workload, Nextlink also provides many services such as cloud architecture design to help you build confidence and clear expectations, which can be painless during your move to the cloud.

2. Providing complete AWS services at all stages of moving to the cloud

With deep expertise in AWS, an APN Consulting Partner can help you achieve your business goals. Allow enterprise customers to cooperate in-depth with one MSP partner without having to cooperate with multiple resellers at different stages of moving to the cloud. Nextlink deeply understands your environment and needs, and proactively helps you optimize AWS workload.

3. Keeping your cloud environment with best practices for information security

Many industries that require strict information security regulations, such as the public sector, finance, and medical care, have their security, compliance, and time-varying regulations that must be followed, and security automation and compliance management are the core of MSP practice. Through professional services, managed services, existing solutions, technical support and expertise, Nextlink can help customers design well-structured solutions on AWS to meet the strict requirements of specific customers for information security and compliance.

4. Increasing service deployment speed

In a fast-paced world, companies that can respond quickly to customers and assess needs immediately have a strong advantage. The ability to develop, test, and deploy new features to end users at a consistent speed is very important. For most companies, releasing new features quarterly cannot be achieved in today’s market. Therefore, automation update is the core principle of the next-generation MSP. By cooperating with Nextlink, you can take advantage of our profound expertise in the field of automation. We can help you embrace the DevOps culture within the enterprise, and focus the resources and time on developing new features, instead of wasting time on infrastructure deploying and managing.

5. Solving problems quickly

For most critical business processes, any unplanned downtime will result in the loss of revenue and opportunities. AWS MSP partners design best practices, services and tools to support the Service Level Agreement(SLA) of the infrastructure and specific workloads, and continue to take action to improve efficiency. The next-generation AWS MSP uses AWS services and third-party tools to support your workload and business SLA. By using AWS MSP for cloud managed services, it can reduce the burden on the internal team of the enterprise, and it can be resolved immediately when a situation occurs.

6. Cost optimizing

When you cooperate with AWS MSP partners, we thoroughly ensure that your service can operate smoothly, and will continue to monitor performance, usage, and discover cost savings, improve performance, and take advantage of new tool release opportunities. For example, through cost management, AWS MSP partners will proactively provide detailed usage and performance reports, and propose cost optimization strategies to help you save costs and improve performance.

7. Cooperating with 3rd Party ISV – enjoy the benefits without purchasing

AWS MSP partners use many third-party tools to assist companies in their daily operations, including solutions from independent software vendors (ISV), covering cost management, event logging, data visualization, infrastructure and application security, configuration and vulnerability analysis, data protection, CI/CD pipeline, migration solutions, etc. By cooperating with Nextlink, you can avoid the trouble of reviewing and purchasing third-party tools, and simply apply the most suitable solution for you.