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AWS migration service

Through Nextlink's cloud migration service, we can help you achieve your business goals and enjoy the benefits of cloud migration. Contact Us

Do you have no solution, plan or manpower to go on Cloud? Nextlink, an AWS specialist, can escort you along the way. Nextlink understands your problems of rising costs and idle equipment as a result of hardware purchases. Sluggish international deployment would also cause business opportunities being missed.

At this very moment, you can accept our assistance in and derive benefits from Cloud migration as we can tackle the problems on your behalf.

The universal strategies for Cloud migration summarized in 7 R’s

In the process of business migration to Cloud, the 7 universal strategies can be followed to see if it is necessary to relocate, repurchase, retain, or get rid of aged equipment.

CloudEndure – a free migration tool

AWS provides you with CloudEndure, the free migration tool, to move On-Premises or Cloud structures to AWS. The structural flowchart below shows how CloudEndure moves On-Premises servers to AWS.

After going on Cloud, enterprises can achieve:


Cost optimization


High expandability, usability


And raised business flexibility


Enhanced operational elasticity

Cloud migration services by Nextlink

Overall strategies should be set out well ahead of migration. If there is a lack of Cloud professionals within an enterprise, specialists’ assistance should be sought from entities like Nextlink to devise full processes, including:


Prior to migration

  •  Bilateral business meetings
  •  Assessment of operating systems
  •  Formulation of migration strategies
  •  Education and training

During migration

  • Structural design
  • Proof of concept
  • Choices of migration tools
  • Disaster recovery and backups

After Migration

  • Provision of comprehensive monitoring
  • Maintenance and management