Enterprises would often like to undergo transformation by applying IoT. Is your transformation dragging on as a result of incomplete infrastructure, insufficient technologies, or unsatisfactory financial performance?

Sit back, relax, and let Nextlink solve the problems for you with IoT Cloud applications.

IoT Cloud applications simplify business transformations.

Nextlink collaborates with the latest AWS IoT services, which are connected to Cloud. The services comprise IoT control panel, analysis and identification. The up-and-coming technologies of IoT extend to all sorts of industries and bring comprehensive Cloud solutions together with new business opportunities.

The 4 main AWS services can tackle all your IoT problems.


It is applicable to Micro-Controller operating systems. It allows program designs, deployment, protection, connections, and management to be easily performed on small-scale, low-power edge devices, which can be safely connected to AWS Cloud services such as AWS IoT Core, and to the powerful edge devices that can run AWS IoTGreengrass.


It can be incorporated into the existing Gateway environment. It helps AWS seamlessly extend to nodal devices so that the data generated by the local units can be operated on. In the meantime, the connected devices can perform AWS Lambda functions, make predictions in accordance with the model of machine learning, and synchronize their data.

IoT Core

It enables connected devices to have convenient and safe interactions with Cloud applications and other devices. It builds IoT applications by integrating AWS services, for instance, AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon S3. It captures, processes, and analyzes the data generated by the connected devices. These actions are carried out without the need to manage any infrastructure.

Device Management

It helps you register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices on a large scale. It also allows simple management of authorization to keep the devices safe. You would be able to organize devices, to monitor and troubleshoot their functions, to make queries about the status of any IoT devices within a cluster, and to remotely send firmware updates via OTA.

Let Nextlink optimize your IoT Cloud applications.

Nextlink has served over 1000 enterprises. With extensive background knowledge of Cloud, we provide you with professional Cloud technical support and managed services to meet your IoT needs. We help you stay focused on the core business developments without worrying about the problematic maintenance of infrastructure.