Deploying AWS ahead of schedule on the new website, helping users to upgrade their experience with high efficiency and high speed.

Websites are the face of modern enterprises. According to statistics, when the load time of a website exceeds 5 seconds, there is a 67% chance of losing the customer forever. Nextlink has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has assisted more than 1,000 corporate customers to move to the cloud steadily. The most common use is to run corporate website and content delivery on AWS as this is the simplest and basic cloud entry application, which has become the company’s general A stepping stone to the relocation of core services to the cloud.

Audiovisual streaming

Have you ever stuck by unable to handle the auto traffic server, resulting in cost expenditure rising while building your own live broadcast or video platform? Now, let Nextlink, the cloud expert, solve the problems for you! High- expansion, low-cost AWS services for a wide range of video platforms To improve the quality of media […]

DevOps on AWS

You would like to have a digital transformation for the company, but have no idea with it? Facing the market competition, but unable to increase the speed of application delivery? There’re hiding risks of human negligence in the company’s development and maintenance process? Now, take a look at how Nextlink DevOps solution helps you solve […]


Have you ever been in a situation where various systems could not synchronously update transaction data as clients repetitively placed orders? Have you found the messages in blockchains not transparent enough? Have you not been able to trace the sources of components and raw materials? Has identity verification been too strict for accessing confidential data […]

Nextlink Technology recognised as AWS Migration Competency Partner


Nextlink Technology recognised as AWS Migration Competency Partner Nextlink Technology (Nextlink) has acquired Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Competency in May 2020, which represents Nextlink’s ability in providing high-tech service and assisting customers in complex migration planning. Nextlink can not only provide customers with comprehensive planning, migration, and operation services, so that enterprises can easily […]

Big Data

Does your company own a vast amount of data but find it hard to analyze consumers’ characteristics as they behave so differently? Are you unable to apply a suitable risk assessment tool to the tens of thousands of financial and transaction datasets? Are you in lack of a great tool for intelligent analysis that can […]

Towards Industry 4.0 by Using Eight Aspects of The Cloud

Manufacturing is also undergoing digital transformation, and the cloud plays an important role The technological progress of the manufacturing industry usually faces operational challenges. They face the problems of information collection, high operating costs, weak integration of operating technology (OT) / information technology (IT), high-speed computing requirements, and machine downtime. However, most traditional infrastructures are […]