Leezen Co., Ltd.

The Cloud structures deployed by Nextlink have halved our monthly expenditure


Nextlink made the most suitable AWS architecture for us to expand our new market.

NewsLeopard Inc.

Nextlink provides ample marketing resources, technical team and business team resources to accelerate the time and speed of communication with AWS.

Hiiir Inc.

“We have only one IT administrator when we would have required at least five with an on-premises infrastructure of a similar size. As a result, we’ve lowered IT administration costs by 80%.”

AWS Service

Subscribe to Amazon Web Services as your robust guardian if your enterprise is sick of the many problems, such as inadequate IT computational capacity, and rising capital expenditure. Nextlink would swiftly and effectively demonstrate to you the most valuable characteristics of AWS, including flexible billing, high expandability, high availability, and quick deployment. We are committed […]

AWS Migration Services

Do you have no solution, plan or manpower to go on Cloud? Nextlink, an AWS specialist, can escort you along the way. Nextlink understands your problems of rising costs and idle equipment as a result of hardware purchases. Sluggish international deployment would also cause business opportunities being missed. At this very moment, you can accept […]

Nextlink Cloud Managed Service

What are next-generation Managed Services by Nextlink? Plenty of enterprises aspire to move their application services to Cloud as the first step to digital transformation. However, those who are unfamiliar with Cloud often face significant technical difficulties due to remarkable differences between Cloud environments and internal deployment. It is also hard to pinpoint Cloud professionals […]

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Amazon CloudFront (CDN) brings you content delivery services with negligible delays and high security Are you fed up with slow website loading and interrupted video playing? Does your company make use of AWS infrastructure but fail to achieve the best performance as a result of connections with CDN of other brands? Nextlink can solve the […]


Tableau revolutionizes your modes of data analysis Is it hard to extract key information from your company’s vast amount of data? Are you facing many restrictions in settings while attempting to visualize the data? Nextlink can transform the conventional modes of data analysis on your behalf at once! Your first choice of Business Intelligence software […]

AWS Well-Architected

Can your structures meet the practical needs of gradually expanding enterprises? AWS services advance with time. How can you tell whether the new services are applicable to your own AWS Cloud structures and are able to change the overall environment for the better? Let Nextlink assists to solve all these problems! The 5 main principles […]

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro

Are you always worried about malicious DDoS attacks causing traffic losses or interrupted services, which might affect user experience on important occasions such as E-commerce activities and video game releases? Nextlink hereby recommends Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Premium Protection to solve such problems! To effectively mitigate malicious attacks and to ensure smooth business operations Alibaba Cloud […]

Cloud Enterprise Network

As an international enterprise, have you faced the following problems while attempting to establish connections from China to other nations or vice versa?Congested public networks, Sluggish data transfers and frequent transfer failures, Security issues on public networks. Nextlink can solve the problems for you right away! Joining Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) enables you to access […]

Check Point Solutions

Check Point’s solutions for the 5th generation of data security Check Point is the only fully integrated system dedicated to network safety. It can protect your business and IT infrastructure from the 5th generation of massive cyber attacks across all networks, endpoints, Cloud and mobile devices. In order to tackle the growing issues of connectivity […]


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